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Glow Worm Toys For Sale

Updated on March 14, 2011
Buy a Glow Worm toy for your baby
Buy a Glow Worm toy for your baby

Buy A Glow Worm Toy For Baby

Do you remember the old Glowworm toys from Plaskool? The original dolls were just a worm with a light up head that was rather hard and not suitable for babies. Now you can find these great toys in any shape, size and style.

When looking for the best glowworm toys for your baby you will find a myriad of them to choose from. You can purchase them in many colors, shapes and sizes.

The easiest way to do that is to shop online, as most toy stores only carry a few models. You could order your glowworm toy now and have it delivered to you within days.

For children who need a night light, Glowworm toys are the perfect thing to help them fall asleep. As long as they squeeze the belly they will have a soft light that will lull them into a sense of safety. They are better than night lights because they do not run constantly and get your young child or baby used to sleeping in the dark.

The first glow worm toy was created by Playskool. They are actually called Glo Worms. Originally the glowworm toys were made of soft fabric and stuffing with a hard painted head that lit up when the body was squeezed.

These were not ideal for babies and young children. However they have evolved into other animals, colors, shapes and brands, allowing for styles that are appropriate for your baby, and shaped much more nicely than a worm. They are completely soft and cannot hurt your child accidentally. They are also easier to operate because many of them allow you to squeeze the hand or foot or tail of the animal to turn on the little light inside. This makes it easier for babies to squeeze them than when you had no choice but to squeeze the very middle.

Glowworm toys in their many styles will be a perfect gift for any child, whether it is your own or someone else’s. Give them for baby showers, birthday parties or Christmas. Whatever the occasion, the baby or child will be sure to enjoy its new toy.

The best place to find Glowworm toys is online. You will find a much better selection this way. You will, however, have to watch your pricing and the shipping prices. Only buy from reputable dealers that offer refunds in case the toy is damaged by the shipper. You might also find these toys in your local toy stores, especially during Christmas time.


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