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Heath Burns Doll From Monster High - News & Release Date

Updated on May 21, 2013

This time round we are taking a look at the new Heath Burns doll from Monster High. This is a character that has been around a while and now we are finally seeing a doll released based on his character. In this article we will check out the new Heath Burns doll, tell you a little bit about the actual character from Monster High and how he fits into the story, then we will tell you about the release date and where to get hold of Heath from. Basically if you enjoy collecting the dolls of Monster High then Heath Burns is going to be one you will want to add to your collection.

The main focus of Monster High has always been on the girls. There are so many popular female characters such as Frankie, Lagoona, Cleo and many more. Often we forget that there are plenty of boys who also attend the classes. Some of these have already been brought out in doll format such as Deuce Gordon and Holt Hyde. These dolls are always popular as we see so few male characters brought out. The latest release from Mattel is going to be Heath Burns, he has been part of the story for a while and now at last we are getting a Heath Burns doll. So let's take a look at him and also tell you a little bit about his character.

The New Heath Burns Doll

Heath Burns At Monster High

You may not realise it but Heath is actually one of the oldest characters in the Monster High story. He first appeared all the way back in 2010 when the show was just starting. Heath has always been one of the more excitable members of the school, so much so that when he gets a little to excited his head bursts into flames. Heath's behaviour is often very questionable and he can be a little silly at times and this often gets him into trouble. He is the cousin of Jackson Jekyll and is good friends with other characters such as Deuce and Clawd. When it comes to the ghouls of Monster High he likes to think he is God's gift to women. He has had several short term relationships with ghouls such as Frankie Stein, Draculaura and Abbey Bominable. One of his latest love interests was Scarah Screams although she did not seem to keen.

We have always been expecting a doll of Heath due to the fact that as far back as early 2011 Mattel applied for a Trademark for him. So finally this year at the International Toy Fair the Heath Burns doll was revealed. Some fans may be sad to hear that he will not be sold individually, he actually comes in a twin pack with Abbey Bominable. As you can see from the picture the Heath Burns doll comes with him wearing his black jacket with flames going up the arms. One of his hands is bandaged up due to it recently getting burned. Along with the two dolls you get a diary which has the title Home Ick on it. Then you get all the usual items such as doll stand and hair brush.

If you are wondering about the release date for Heath Burns then we are expecting it to be sometime in June. There are already dolls online going on pre-sale before the release date has arrived, so this gives us an idea that we will not have to wait long. If the release date changes in any way shape or form we will adjust our information as soon as we can. These two dolls together look quite nice and we are sure they will be very collectable when they do go on sale over the summer.

Gigi Grant & Twyla

Catty Noir

More New Dolls Coming Soon

Along with the release of Heath Burns there are lots of other new dolls coming out over the next few months. Some of these are brand new characters whereas some are characters that have been around for a long time. The big release over the summer is Thirteen Wishes. This is a new story that will see the introduction of Gigi Grant who is the daughter of a Genie and she has the power to grant wishes. There is a new doll coming out based on her and she comes along with her pet scorpion called Sultan Sting. There is also a new character called Twyla who is coming out with this new story and there will be a doll of her along with her dust bunny Dustin. There are also other dolls coming out in this line such as Howleen, Cleo and Draculaura.

One release that is planned for later in the year is Catty Noir. She is a black cat and is said to be a singer. She comes in a pink party dress which looks very impressive indeed. There are rumours that due to he being a black cat she will have a release date of Friday 13th of September. This is due to black cats supposedly being bad luck. This is a brand new character and so should be quite a popular one when it comes out.

There are other big releases such as Headless Headmistress Bloodgood and her horse Nightmare. This is one that has been in the pipeline for a long time and now it is finally coming out fans are very excited. Also we have the long await Daughter Of Arachne doll who we now know is called Wydowna Spider. She looks like being one of the best dolls ever released and this is mainly due to her having six arms which looks really impressive.

As you can see the people at Mattel who work on these new dolls have been very busy recently. There are so many new dolls coming out all the time and there are always new and exciting characters being introduced to the story as well. Although Heath Burns has been a member of the cast at Monster High for many years, this is the first time we are seeing him in doll form. This means this is going to be a very popular one with the collectors and chances are that in coming years he will be seen as quite collectable and rare. With so many new dolls planned for the next few months we are sure that fans and collectors alike are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to new dolls.


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