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New Super Mario Brothers Wii Walkthrough: World 4

Updated on May 24, 2010

World 4-1

Once again, we are in another swimming world.  If you are a tiny Mario, you can get a Magic Mushroom at the beginning, and there is an underwater brick that will give you the power-up, which is a Penguin suit.   You will need it to get the First Star Coin.  You have to free a chomper plant, and let it float up.  It really is the only way. 

You will also need a Penguin suit to get this next one.  You will see the Coin over an urchin, and you should go up to the area to the left, which is a hidden area with a hidden goodie.  Go on and get the bonuses there, and then freeze the urchin, and use his frozen body as a place to stand so you can jump up and grab the Second Star Coin

You will soon pass by a giant sea urchin that will have two bubbling pipes below it.  There is a smaller sea urchin that you can put to sleep by freezing it, and it will effectively block one of those pipes.   You can then go down below and get 3 1UPs.   

From here, it is pretty easy to find the Third Star Coin.  Just head up by the pipes and jump up to it.  Very simple, really. 

World 4-2

These Jumping fish really make this world hard to handle.  At least the First Star Coin is in plain sight.  It is right on a rolling barrel, underneath 3 ? Blocks.  Better get it. 

As for the Second Star Coin, you will find it as you go along.  Nothing to it to get it, really. 

As for the Third Star Coin, it is located just underneath a very easily tripped ledge, so you have to shimmy long a ledge, quickly jump up, and you should be able to get it. 

It’s pretty easy to leave this level. 

World 4-3

Okay, this world is about rock-throwing crabs.  It is good to have a Penguin Suit for this level, and you should be able to obtain one as long as you are larger Mario when you enter the level. 

The First Star Coin is probably best obtained by freezing the crab below the coin, and then using the ice as something to jump up to it.  It works. 

To get to the Second Star Coin, you will notice that it is guarded by a giant sea urchin.  However, just before this is a Mini Mushroom that can be utilized to run on water and jump over the urchin and get the coin.  It is a difficult jump to time, though.  And if you don’t make it, well, sorry.  You might want to hit the Midway point after this guy and go back for it, seriously.   

As for the Third Star Coin, you will also need a Mini Mushroom for it.  You will notice a tiny green drainpipe sticking out to the left, and you can access it to go down to a place below the waters.  Some coins will be in a heart shape, with the star coin in the middle for you to take.  Nothing to do but leave.

World 4-Fortress

Okay, this is about falling heavy metals.  Better wait before proceding, dude.  Seriously. 

After you get through the first part, with the green pipe going up, you will see the First Star Coin.  It is pretty easy to get.  Just stand on one of the metal boxes, and with a good running start, you’ll be able to get there. 

Make certain that you get the Second Star Coin before hitting the Midway flag.  It is located just below it, in a hidden passageway.  What you need to do is use the conveyors, and then leap all the way to the right to get it. 

As for the Third Star Coin, it is located as you come out to the room with lots of falling heavy metals.  You will have to move quick to get it. 

In this area is also a secret passageway to the left, located just above where the solid metal cube to the left will land.  You can access this green tube and it will lead you to a pipe to a red flag level that will establish a Warp Cannon to Level 6. 

World 4-4

In all honesty, I absolutely hated this level.  I don’t like swimming, and this was just plain tough.  It really is more about dodging danger than taking it out. 

The First Star Coin is located just after the Midway flag.  There is a P-Switch on top, and when it gets it, it will unlock a trail of blue coins to a yellow pipe.  Go into the yellow pipe once the flow stops, and then get a Penguin Suit and freeze the fish as it passes below the coin.  You should be able to jump on the cubed fish and get the coin. 

Also around this Midway area is a yellow warp pipe close to other colored pipes.  When you get to this area, you can hit the bricks around it for an Invulnerability Star.  There is a big fish that you can then kill here to get 3 1UPs. 

As you leave that area, you will see the Second Star Coin in between several pipes.  With a little bit of control, you will get to it, no problem. 

Before you leave the level, you will have to go up a green pipe to the surface and the flag.  Before it is a massive pillar of landmass before it.  This is one of those walls that you can walk through.  You will have the Third Star Coin here. 

World 4 Ghost House

Once again, you have to face off with those ghosts that will cease motion if you look at them.  However, there is an equalizer.  If you go to the left, you can grab a Star of Invulnerability.  You can take out as many ghosts as you can. 

You should then go back to about the fifth platform.  You will notice that many of these will rise or fall, depending on how you stand on them.  Go ahead and stand on this fifth one as it descends, and you will have the First Star Coin

At this point, there are two ways out of this world.  The first way will reveal a Gold Mushroom house.  You will need to go to the ninth rising and falling platform and wait for it to go down.  There will be a doorway here. 

Take the doorway and you will be in another level of the dungeon that will reveal the Second Star Coin.  There will be a doorway all the way on the right that you can exit to reveal another flag out.  You’ll have to do some tricky out maneuvering of some ghosts, but you will have that one gold mushroom house! 

The second way out of the house involves you going all the way to the end of the platform area, and then riding the last one to the top.  You will see a P spot, and if you hit it, some bricks that once guarded a closed door will become coins.  Quickly get in the door while you can. 

In this next area, go all the way to the right and you will find a hidden wall with some steps that you can jump up to.  You will grab the Third Star Coin along the way.

Go ahead and then go all the way to the end of the level from there. 

World 4-5

At the start of the level is where you have to start taking out Lakitu clouds.  The trick is to do that thing where you can spit his own thing at him, or even jump on the good ones and use their clouds against them.  I’ve done that before. 

Now, you will see the First Star Coin here.  It’s probably easiest just to get a Lakitu cloud and get it that way.  You may be able to get it from Yoshi, though. 

To get the Second Star Coin, you will definitely need a Lakitu cloud.  It is located shortly after the Midway flag.  Just kill one of the Lakitus and go up as high as you can.  You will see the coin in the midst of other coins. 

Soon you will come to a tall tree with a green pipe hanging down above it.  You will need to either have a Propeller hat or get a Lakitu cloud and go up in this cloud.  From here, you need to get a Lakitu and essentially get the Third Star Coin

From here, it’s leaving through another pipe and getting to the end of the level. 

World 4 Castle

In this world, you will have to do some slapping around of the fences to get to the right side of this First Star Coin.  Just be sure you are on the right side, and you shouldn’t have much of a problem. 

The Second Star Coin is located in the midst of two smashing spiky drillbits.  Not very fun to get, but it isn’t impossible. 

It should be noted that after the Midway flag there is a drainpipe down.  It will be below a Pow.  You can use the Pow to get a lot of coins, by the way.  This green drainpipe will lead you to a place where a bonus ring can get something. 

You will reach the area where to drill bits will come at you from the left, up and down.  Time your jump well there, my friend. 

From there, it is into a green pipe into an area with some very mean piranha fish, man.  I never did like that.  However, I find they only go in one direction, then slam into a wall or something.  They aren’t as bad as World 4-4. 

Then here comes the big and log spiky pipe.  Duck down when you can.  You will need to run fast to get to it, and when you do, there is a green pipe that you can duck down into.  You can then swim with the evil fish and get the Third Star Coin

From there, it is time to go on and defeat the last bad guy, or gal, in this case.   It is hard with the water going on, and you need to calculate for the speed of the hoops and her while under water.  Remember, she can cover a great distance in her hops. 

Hit her a certain amount of times, watch for flying shell, and she’ll be gone.  

World 4-Airship

Okay, this level is full of a lot of creeps, and you will find that in between two flamethrowers, one large and one small is the First Star Coin in a depression. 

Once you pass the midway point, you will find that there are a bunch of yellow boxes that conceal a green pipe.  Go ahead and head down the green pipe, and you will be in an area underneath the ship.  You will then have to bounce on this thing that moves only when you are on it, but will knock you off if you stay on it too long.  You should be able to grab the Second Star Coin along the way with a jump. 

You will find the Third Star Coin as you go along, but it is blocked by one of those yellow box things.  I suppose a Penguin suit and a good slide could get rid of it, but it already has Bob-ombs there who can do the job for you.  You could freeze the Bob-omb and toss a frozen one at the yellow box, or just jump on a Bob-omb and kick it to the box.  Go ahead and get it. 

Take the yellow pipe to the next area.  You will see two propeller bricks.  You will have to jump to the highest point that you can and use the propeller brick to get up to the highest point. 

From there, it is time to face-off with Bowser Jr.  He is actually pretty easy to defeat.  I even did it in little Mario mode.  You use a Propeller brick and then fly over him, and fall on his head.  He will spray flames on the floor, but you can avoid them.  After three hits from above, he will be gone. 


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