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New Super Mario Brothers Wii Walkthrough: World 5

Updated on May 24, 2010

World 5-1

Okay, I found that it was really easy to go into this level with an Ice Flower or Penguin suit.  It makes it easy to temporarily freeze the chomper plants and the things the really blow.  You’ll see what I’m talking about. 

After taking out a few foes, you will come to a spot with a big turtle shell and a random bonus block.  Before it is some brown ground that you can Ground Pound (tongue-twister!) and you will be in a secret area with the First Star Coin

You will see one turtle shell in water, and it is easy to swim underneath and get the Second Star Coin.  Keep in mind, if you freeze a fish before it, it will block the entrance. 

Very close to the exit is a vine, a flying turtle, and a giant turtle shell.  Use the vine to swing into the turtle shell, and this will lead you to a green pipe.  You can use this to get to a secret area, and use a POW thing to cause the Third Star Coin to drop.  Leave the area and head to the finish. 

World 5-2

You will see the First Star Coin up high, and you might think that you need a Propeller Hat to get it.  That is one way, there is also a way right as you come in the level.  There are two areas where the caterpillars swarm.  There are two ? blocks here, and in between them and all the way to the right is a place to snag a POW.  Use the POW where the caterpillars are and the star coin will fall. 

Once you go into the pipe, you will find an area where big caterpillars will come crawling.  You will notice that the Second Star Coin is in an area above some purple waters.  Those waters will indeed kill you.  You should bounce on the caterpillars when they are going through the purple waters to get the coin, and then move on. 

By the way, you can bounce on the caterpillars, but don’t hit them in the nose.  There is a precarious precipice that you have to pass through, and it is difficult to make the bounce on the caterpillar. 

Now, past the midway flag you can find a place where there is an overhang on the left.  If you have a propeller hat, you can use it to go up from there to the left.  You will be transported to an area where you can receive a 1UP. 

You should keep going, and you’ll get to a place where there is an overhang to the right.  You have to bounce on the caterpillars, but you will have the place with the Third Star Coin, and you will have propeller blocks to help you get at it. 

World 5-3

Okay, I really hate these guys with the spiny thorny legs.  I found that I can freeze them with the Ice Flower or Penguin Suit.  And walk over them while temporarily paralyzed.  A Fire Flower square in the vulnerable spot works too, otherwise you’ve to hit them square on that orange area with a jump. 

You will find the First Star Coin way up high.  A Propeller hat can work to get that if you have one.  You can also freeze a walking guy while his leg is in the air and jump up to get him. 

There is a green pipe that will get you to an area with lots of coins and a random bonus.  If it is a propeller hat, you might have some luck getting to it. 

Past the Midway point is a place where the Second Star Coin is.  Getting to it is a little difficult.  Just stomp on the Turtle, and then use its shell to take out the brick block.  Slide underneath and get the Star Coin. 

As for the Third Star Coin, you’ll see it in between some stony pillars.  To get it, you have to get down on the platform above it.  This is one of those that sinks if you stay too long on it.  Stand on one, and then jump onto the other one as it goes down, snagging the Star Coin on the way. 

World 5-Fortress

Okay, this first part of this is all about jumping on platforms and avoiding really spiky walls.  You will find that the First Star Coin is easy to grab, though. 

Not so for the Second Star Coin.  You will have a chance to grab it after the Midway Flag.  Watch for it on the left, and you can jump to the proper area as the wall is going back to the left.  Snag it very quickly. 

Now, as for the last, it is on the right.  You will have to smash through some bricks to get it, and wall jump as well.  You will have the Third Star Coin

Before you go through the door, go to the left and jump. You will be able to get a free Bonus that might come in handy. 

Now, it is time to take on the bad guy.  There are some rising and falling platforms here that can help you evade him.  Jump on him at the right time, and you will have him spinning his shell once again.  Take him out really well here.  Just hit him three times, as usual. 

World 5-5

This one I hate, because the bad guys drop down on top of you.  Go through the pipe and you will be on a boat and more will drop down on you. 

Your boat can only stand 5 bad guys, and this includes these mini-guys that don’t do damage, but can be shaken off.  After 5 guys get on it, it will cease motion. 

I find that an ice flower is helpful for getting rid of them.  It comes in handy for getting the First Star Coin.  Freeze them on the thing, and then use the frozen blocks to get it. 

As for the Second Star Coin, it is quite difficult.  There is a POW there, but you can’t use it yet.  Instead, grab it and wait until you see to small coins above, and then use it.  The star coin should fall to you. 

The Third Star Coin requires the use of a Bomb.  Since they keep coming, stomp on one, and then move it to the white bricks.  They will blow up, and you can grab the Star Coin. 

World 5 Ghost House

This Boo House is pretty much a maze.  The Star Coins can be found behind the right doors, though. 

For example, if you go all the way to the right, you will find that you can then run all the way to the right and pick yourself up the First Star Coin.  It is hidden within the wall. 

You can then take the doorway back to the main hall.  From here, it is all about Going to the right, and then down and to the left.  This will lead you to a place where there is water and deadly glowing fish.  The Second Star Coin is located at the end of this area to the right.  Use the doorway nearby to get to the main area. 

From there, grab a light and keep running right.  You will see an area with two doors.  One is a fake door, and the other leads to an area with a circle of Boos.  You can jump in between the gap, and that will get you to another part with the Third Star Coin

From there, it is grab and go all the way to the right.  Behind the door is a tricky area, but necessary to get out of the level. 

However, if you want to use the World 8 Canon, I would highly suggest going all the way to the right until you get to a fourth red arrow.  Drop down into this one area, and there will be a place with a door on the right.  Don’t take the door, but run to the left and through a wall.  Here will be the door that you want. 

The area that it will lead you to is one where you can turn on these cubes that will illuminate nicely.  The cubes will help you cross over to the other door.  From here, it is about moving in a circle of ghosts to get to this flag. 

You will now have a Canon to Level 8! 

World 5-5

Okay, this level involves riding on the back of flying Manta Rays.  What you need to do is jump on them, and on one of the platforms will be a propeller brick. 

You need to have this propeller brick or a propeller hat to access some of the hidden secrets in this level. 

You shouldn’t have any problem getting to the First Star Coin, though. 

Keep going until you get to the Midway point.  You will see the Second Star Coin way in the air.  Use the Propeller brick or hat to get it.  It’s probably the only way. 

As for the Third Star Coin, you will see a POW on the back of one of the Manta Rays.  Grab the Pow, but don’t use it until you come to an area of coins that looks like the letter “W”.  Slam it down, and the Star Coin will fall.  Go ahead and get it. 

Nothing to do but leave. 

World 5- Castle

I hate lava levels.  This is about grabbing on to grating to.  The Ice Flower helps to disperse the Lava Spurts, and that is about it. 

Before you get to the First Star Coin, there will be a place with 2 ? Blocks.  You can get a Propeller hat here.  In fact, I highly recommend hitting the block from up top with a ground pound and then grabbing the propeller hat that way.  Hitting it from below makes it easy to slip through your grip.  That star coin is located right in between two stone pillars in the midst of lava.  You have to fall toward it, then use the Propeller hat at the last minute.  You will have it, amazingly enough. 

You will soon come to a spinning wheel of fence.  Go ahead and ride it up to the right, and you will be able to access a hidden door.  Go on and use it and go to a secret area, which will be filled with some trials to get the Second Star Coin in the middle. 

As for the Third Star Coin, you’ll see it high in the air as you go by.  At first I thought that only the Propeller Suit will help you get that one, but I found that hopping from the top of a rising grate got me there. 

As for the bad guy, he is pretty difficult.  What you have to do is avoid his darn Chomper pet, and his bolts.  Then you have to jump on him three times, as usual. 

You have to use the bounce cushions on the sides to make you jump to the next level, as you can’t jump over Chomper any other way.  By the way, after every hit, Chomper gets enraged and then changes direction.  On the last round, he will really get fierce. 


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      Lonny 5 years ago

      The catipillar in the back ground in level 5 how do you get to him? The one walking around in the forest???

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      CALLIEA 6 years ago

      you got world 5 to coin for world 5 so I can gEt it is so fun to gEt a mario games and you can have so much fun because you can have a good time with the game is so much fun and I GOT all of the game I GOT GAME ONE GAME TWO GAME THREE AND LOVE MARIO BECAUSE YOU ARE SO PRETTY AND AS YOU GO A LITTLE FAST AND YOU SO SAMSER AND ilove you mario you are pRetty and you are my love you boy and PRETTY LOVE YOU