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New Super Mario Brothers Wii Walkthrough: World 9

Updated on May 24, 2010

Okay, the requirement for making it through these worlds is obtaining all the Star Coins for these.  Fortunately, I have spelled out how to get them in other guides.  If you don’t believe me, check it out.  Right now, I’m going to talk about how to get the Star Coins in these levels. 

World 9-1

You will find that there are three flying turtles in front of the First Star Coin, and it is floating pretty high in the air.  You might want to get yourself a Propeller hat for this one.  That or you can jump on the flying turtles when they reach the highest point, and then you should be bound over. 

You will soon come to three spinning boxes, and the Second Star Coin is in the middle of them.  The only way to get it without the Propeller hat is to use the red box on the right, run on it, and then bounce off the flying turtle and get the coin.  If you are lucky, you should be able to get it.  You might be able to come back and get it if you miss. 

Eventually, you will come to some fire-breathing Chomper plants.  The third one is a warp pipe to another area.  You’ll need to take it out, and use the pipe to go to a secret area.  The Third Star Coin is just past a red rotating box, and you will need to do a bounce off a flying turtle to get to it. 

World 9-2

Ah yes, another one these worlds with the big fish swimming and going to kill you.  You will find the First Star Coin in the water, and you don’t have to get it yourself.  Instead, just go up to the right, and use the turtle shell (or iced turtle) to fling at the coin. 

As for the Second Star Coin, it is located just past the first, and it is hidden.  You’ll find it at the end of a yellow platform, with a warp pipe coming out horizontally.  You will find yourself in an underwater area with a big fish.  If you go quickly, you can just snatch the Star Coin quick. 

The Third Star Coin is behind some brick walls.  You will have some turtles whose shells can be used to take out the brick walls, and then you can run and jump to get to the Coin. 

World 9-3

As you go along, you will find a red arrow pointing right and a gap on the bottom with a green pipe.  This pipe could be blocked by clouds, and you will be able to get to an area that is sort of a maze.  You will need to hit the P-block to get there, and then carefully go around the labyrinth to get the First Star Coin

You will need to leave this area in order to the Second Star Coin.  You will notice a green pipe up and to the left, and you’ll probably need to jump on Bullet Bills in order to get there.  Unless you have a Propeller hat, of course.  The green pipe will take you to an area with a P-Switch, and, if you follow the path of the blue coins, you can grab the Coin. 

The Third Star Coin is also hard to get without a Propeller hat.  It is located in the midst of some yellow platforms.  If you wait long enough, a giant bullet from the left will come, and that will give you the bounce you need to get that Star Coin. 

World 9-4

Oh yes, another area filled with pipes and such.  You will note the location of the First Star Coin, but it is difficult to get without a propeller hat.  However, you can use a nearby POW block to get rid of the Bob-ombs and Chomper plants, and then wall-jump off of the blue pipe to get to the star coin. 

You’re probably going to find this Second Star Coin difficult to get.  It is to the left of a weight-sensitive platform.  You should probably use an Ice Flower on an enemy and then hurl it at the coin.  You will then get it. 

Okay, the Third Star Coin is a little hard to get.  It starts in the area near the yellow warp pipe.  There is a green pipe with a Chomper plant, which also has a red pipe.  You will need an Ice Flower to freeze the Chomper plant, and make certain you don’t kill the Chomper plant.  You will need to step on the Piranha plant and use the red pipe.  Then you will be taken to another area that has the Coin.  This one is very hard to get. 

World 9-5

Darn, another one of these slippery ice levels.

You will note the First Star Coin just above a green warp pipe.  Getting to it means taking a slide in a very awkward place, as those shooting penguins tend to get in the way.  You can leap over them, and then jump up to get it. 

The Second Star Coin is hard to get to.  It involves wall jumping off a small block to the right of it to get to where you need to go. 

For the Third Star Coin, you will need a Penguin Suit and Ice Flower for it.  You see the area with spiked monsters?  Freeze one of them, and you will have a good platform to get to the coin.  It’s pretty tricky to get to, and a Propeller hat might be easier. 

World 9-6

Oh, terrific, do we need another level full of lava?  Apparently, we do. 

Now, there are a lot of rising platforms here, and there is one area that allows you to drop down, and in it.  You may notice the indentation on the left side, and you can wall slide down the left and then go in to get the First Star Coin, and then jump out. 

This Second Star Coin is not hidden, but it is hard to get.  It is in between two pillars, and a lava geyser will cover it from time to time.  Without a propeller hat, the only way to get it is to wall slide down the right pillar, and then wall jump to get it. 

As for the Third Star Coin, you will need to do a jump with a Wiimote shake spin in order to reach it.  You can skip the tiny platform that rises and falls to the left of it, but without a Propeller hat, you will need this platform to get back. 

World 9-7

This an odd little level, filled with lots of interesting things. 

Now, you will have the First Star Coin before two frozen coins.  You will have to wall-jump in order to get to it. 

You will find the Second Star Coin below the ice path.  You will need a Fire Flower to get it, and you’ll have to watch out for the fire-breathing Chomper plants who will burn out the ice path before you are ready.

The Third Star Coin is really difficult to get, and many would recommend just making a run for it at the beginning of the world.   For example, slide under the fire-breathing Chomper plants.  It is also recommended to get a Fire Flower before starting this world.  Take out the fire guy on the platform, and then jump to it to clear out the other fire brother.  You then have to use the ice walls to wall jump so you can get the coin.  Yes, it is a hard coin to get, if not the hardest to get. 

World 9-8

You will see the First Star Coin located way above, with those spiky monsters.  You will need the propeller block to get it, and it requires you avoiding the monsters to get it. 

This is similar to the Second Star Coin.  It is in the midst of some monsters who are moving around, and taking the star coin with them. 

As for the Third Star Coin, you will see it trapped in white blocks.  If you stand on the red bricks, you can avoid a giant bullet that can pass through some area to snag the Star Coin. 

Okay, congratulations!  You have just completed all the levels of the game.  Now you can go back and do it again, if you wish.  Especially if you want to get the Special Action Stars

Special Action Stars

Now, if want some special action stars, here is how to get them. 

You will get Star 1 after you beat the game. Star 2 is getting all 24 Star Coins on World 9.  Star 3, beating every level in the game, without finding the Secret Goals.  Star 4 is about getting 207 Star Coins in the first 8 worlds.  Star 5 is for beating every level, finding every secret goal and using all 5 warp cannons.  If you want to get 5 Sparkly Stars, you have to get all the five stars without using the Luigi blocks. 


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      Tegan 6 years ago

      That helped me and my dad a lot thnx very much to u fo posting this website hopefully there is no world ten lol thnx from declan and tegan