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New Super Mario Brothers Wii Walkthrough: World 8

Updated on May 24, 2010

World 8-1

They really pull out all the stops on this level.  You’ve got lava, meteorites, and everything else.  Not only that, but you have this black smoke that follows you and won’t let you just stop and rest.  The worst part is the lava geysers.  You really have to wait for them to die down or make a superior high jump to clear them. 

You will find the First Star Coin in an area with a tilting platform.  Go ahead and let it tilt upward, and run up the slant to get the coin.  Watch out on the landing. 

Also watch out for these metal areas that will sink if you stay on them for too long. 

After the Midway point, you will come to one of those POW things.   Don’t use it right away.  Instead, grab it and take it to the right, just before the lava.  Drop it there, and the Second Star Coin will fall along with lots of other coins. 

You will eventually come to a green pipe that leads to the exit flag.  Do not take it.  Instead, see if you can find a way to leap over the large brick block wall on the right.  This will lead to a hemmed in Third Star Coin floating near the top, but you can get it by using the spring. 

You can then use the red pipe to get out of there. 

World 8-2

This one area starts out like World 8-1, but there is a pipe that leads to the ground.  The best thing to do is just get to the pipe, and then go to the wheels. 

You will see the First Star Coin past the giant Goombas.  All you need to do is jump up to it, and get down.  Watch out for the rolling spikey balls.

As for the Second Star Coin, it is quite well hidden.  There are two pipes which will continually spout Goombas.  Go underneath and beyond them and you find it.  The trick is getting out of there. 

Now, this is one of two ways to leave this level.  After you get away from the pipes filled with Goombas, there is a spot filled with ever-rolling spiked balls.  When you come to the floating brick platform, you can go to the left, and find a secret tunnel.  You will find a POW here, and if you hit it, then you will have a ton of coins.  Follow this tunnel, and it will lead to Level 8-7.

This is very similar to the Third Star Coin.  You will reach a point in the level where spikey balls will come rolling, followed by a big spiky ball.  I found it was better to wait on the floating block platform, then just jump over it.  You should then go underneath the area by the green pipe and you will find the star coin. 

World 8-3

This world I plain don’t like because of the waves of lava that go all throughout the level.  What makes it worse are these chains that will fall down if you stay on them too long. 

The First Star Coin is on one of them.  It takes a real sense of timing to let yourself descend into the lava, and then save yourself at the last minute by jumping.  I highly recommend using a propeller hat.  In fact, get yourself one at the beginning and just use it on this level entirely. 

After clearing the chained metal things, keep going on until you see underneath you the Second Star Coin.  You will need to time the waves of the lava before you go through them, and go to the left to get it, but it isn’t too difficult. 

As for the Third Star Coin, I highly recommend having the propeller hat to get it.  You will have to slide down a ramp, and then into an outlet to get it.  It requires precise timing, and there is a baddie who might want to stop you.

World 8-Fortress

In this world, you go up and up and up.  Be careful when you do go up, as you might unintentionally hit something. 

It helps to have the Propeller hat, and you will find the First Star Coin on top of one of those spinning flame things. 

You will arrive at a place where two spinning flames go.  You should probably take advantage of this by going up the right side, and on the second orange tier will be a secret door to the right.  The door leads to a bonus. 

Soon you will reach the Midway flag.   Directly underneath it and to the left is a secret door.  To get to it, you have to be standing on the brown stones that you had to jump in between the crevices in order to get there.  The room will have those flaming things, and you have to jump in order to get the Second Star Coin

After you leave the room, you can jump to get to the Third Star Coin.  You have to run and slide into the small opening, and you have to time it so you can get it and jump out of there. 

Eventually, you can make it to the door, and there is a power up on the left of the door should you need to use it. 

Kamek likes to transform blocks into creatures, and he always aims for the ones that you are standing on.  I found it was relatively easy to defeat him.  I stayed up high on the blocks, and then dropped on him when he teleported below me. 

Three hits and he is out!  By the way, five hits with a fireball is equivalent to one hit. 

World 8-4

You start out with a question mark and a light cube.  Grab the light cube and hit the question mark.  Try and get as many coins as you can on the way down. 

Now you will be at a swimming level, and there are many obstacles here.  You will notice in particular three monsters up above with spike balls.  You should swim past them, and then up, and you can defeat them at your level by jumping on them or throwing a light cube at them.  Go as far left as you can, and you can receive the First Star Coin

Take care of all of the Spiky ball monsters, as they are annoying.  After they are all gone, go a little to the left.  You will find a place with a green pipe, and when you go through, you will enter in a room with a lot of coins.  However, there is a fish there that wants you, so you might want to take him out with a Fire or Ice Flower. 

After you go through another pipe to another area, you will see the Second Star Coin trapped in a box of some sorts.  There is no way of penetrating the box, save for hitting the P-Switch near it.  Now, this switch releases a lot of enemies, so look out! 

You will then need to go to another area of this place, and you’ll be surrounded by pipes that want to push you toward the glowing jellyfish.  Take them out as best as you can with a Fire Flower if you’re having problems. 

The Third Star Coin is located just below the pipe leading to the exit flag, near the surface on the left side.

World 8-5

This world involves a track that you have to go on.  It is tricky, as you will be surrounded by enemies.  The First Star Coin is located above the platform track, and you should be able to jump to it easily. 

The Second Star Coin is located below the track, near the surface of the lava.  You might think that there is no way to physically get it, and you would be right.  However, nothing is stopping you from getting a bomb, stomping on it, and tossing it in that direction.  When the Bomb contacts it, you will have it. 

Eventually, you will get to an area where the birds start to flock.  Then the thing that you are on will go on a very high track before plummeting down.  You should try and jump on some birds to get to the Third Star Coin, as that is the only way to get to it. 

It is pretty easy to get to the red pipe and then the end of the level. 

World 8-6

Another world where you must go up to survive.  As you go, you will see the First Star Coin on the left side.  You can use the spring on the platform to get it, or a propeller hat, your choice. 

As you go up, you will come to an area with a lot of mini-trampolines and there is an area full of lava on the left.  You can grab a spring, put it on the edge of the lava and attempt to make the jump to the Second Star Coin, but you might want to wall-jump until you are as high as you can go.  Otherwise, it will be difficult. 

After the red pipe, there will be a pendulum thing.  You have to jump on it as it goes on the left, then in the middle as it goes around, then run to the right side to make the jump.  That can be difficult. 

In fact, you will find that pendulum at the top of this level, and you will want to snag the Third Star Coin here. 

World 8-7

This is the world of the bone rollercoaster.  You will need to ride it all the way.  When it goes in between lava spouts, jump over them.  If it dips down, jump from one end of it to the other. 

When it goes to the First Star Coin, make a quick and low jump to get it. 

When you reach the end, there is another coaster to go to.  Then go through a pipe for another wild ride.  At one point, there will be two lava spouts, and you will be able to make a quick high jump to grab the Second Star Coin

Before boarding the last Roller coaster, you should jump over to the wall, and there will be a ? box with a Power-up.  Take it, and keep riding.  When the rollercoaster joins with another one, make a jump from that one to the other.  You should be able to get the Third Star Coin in the middle. 

You should be able to go to the World-8 Airship.  Of course, if you are playing the levels in numerical order, then you should be there already. 

World 8-AirShip

This world involves a lot of twirling to get to places.  For example, just to open the way there needs a spin. 

Go ahead and break any yellow boxes that you see, as they contain Power-ups and coins. 

The First Star Coin is visible, but can only be grabbed by using the many cannonballs as jumping points to get to it.  That, or maybe a propeller hat. 

Just past the midway flag is the Second Star Coin.  Obtaining it is as simple as jumping up and getting it as you go by.  Those Mecha Koopas can get in the way, so watch out. 

The Third Star Coin is quite well hidden.  You need to spin on a platform, and this will make the coin go down.  Now, you will need to grab a Mecha Koopa from the other side and throw it at the coin, and hit it as it does down.  I’m not even certain that a propeller hat could do any better. 

You will then face Bowser Jr.  It seems hard at first with those big bombs he drops on you, but you can use them to take him out.  All you need to do is trick him into flying over the bomb, and then Ground pound.  The ground will become like a wave, and it will hit him where it hurts. 

He will try and burn the ground, and an ice flower will stop his flames.  It then comes a matter of hitting the ground again to knock him out. 

World 8 Bowser’s Castle

Okay, the first stretch of the castle is just leaping about through lava.  You will notice the First Star Coin on some areas that will sink if you jump on them.  You can let it sink until you get the coin, then quick jump up to the next platform, then to the next platform before the one you are on sinks, then to the solid ground before this one sinks.  (Whew.)

After you clear this area, you will be able to get to one area where the lava slowly goes down like someone unplugged the lava bathtub.  Just jump from one platform to the other, and you should be able to make a slow fall.  Be sure to go to the right as you go down, for the Second Star Coin will be there. 

You will then come to another pipe, and you will have to run down to an area where a bunch of fireballs are coming at you.  Fortunately, you can repel one level of fireballs if you have the Ice Flower or something like that. 

Eventually, it will be time to face off with Bowser the first time.  You will find that he is not very aggressive.  You will have to avoid his fire, but make certain that when he jumps high in the air, that you run underneath him.  Go ahead and pound on the exclamation point, and he will go into the pit. 

Of course it isn’t over, as Bowser will grow huge and come after you.  The key is to stay far ahead of him, and avoid his fireballs.  However, his fireballs are necessary to break into the other areas.  Eventually, you will see the Third Star Coin, and you should be able to get it on the yellow platforms underneath it or as Bowser bursts through. 

At one point, you will have a ? box with a Propeller hat.  You will probably need it to fly as fast as you can away from Bowser and get to the ! box that will get rid of Bowser for good. 

This will end the game, but there is World 9. 


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