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Old Life Magazine December 1960 - Kennedy Churchill

Updated on February 15, 2011

Vintage Life Magazines - A Piece of Americana

Old Vintage life magazines illustrate America's perspectives long before anything like the Internet came along. This original December 12, 1960 issue of LIFE magazine shows what was on America's mind that week - the top news stories, and what were important social issues of the time. Complete with full-color vintage ads and vivid photo essays, LIFE magazine gave Americans an outlet for both mental and visual stimulation.

As with most things considered iconic, LIFE magazine symbolizes America's state of affairs, and American's interests. There's something about holding a piece of America's past in your hands that no amount of Internet research can duplicate.

Old Vintage Life Magazine, December 12, 1960 with Jill Haworth, Sal Mineo, Winston Churchill, and JFK
Old Vintage Life Magazine, December 12, 1960 with Jill Haworth, Sal Mineo, Winston Churchill, and JFK

December 12, 1960 - Original Issue LIFE Magazine

Front Cover - Sal Mineo and Jill Haworth, in "Exodus" - *inside front cover: full color Western Electric Ad

  • Front cover headlines: Jill haworth and Sal Mineo in "Exodus", Women Bowelers - "Sporty social whirl for eight million", What the Gold Fuss is about.

Rear Cover - full-color L&M Cigarettes ad, - *inside rear cover: full-color I.W. Harper Kentucky Bourbon

Table of Contents:

  • Fuss Over Gold - U.S. gold crisis is disturbing and confusing. Life looks at the current problem and goes back in history to explain what it is all about
  • "Exodus" - A Nation's Epic, The drama and passion of Israel's creation in eight pages of photos shot during the 20th century production of "Exodus"
  • Ladies in the Lane - Bowling: Bowling lanes all over America are being invaded en masse, America's ladies give an ancient sport the gay and giddy look of a supermarket, nursery, and "Kaffee-klatche" all rolled into one.
  • Our National Purpose - A great debate of our national Purpose, stirred up by publication of a Life magazine series is a major report of a presidential commission

Other Features:

  • Gold rush out of U.S. - 59 bars leave every hour
  • Churchill's 86th birthday
  • Kennedy works hard to find Cabinet members
  • A comic sidelight of the bloody caucus revolt
  • Editorial - The price of liberty
  • Photo essay - The Exodus
  • The Hellespont Swim - a young American flies to Turkey to match Leander's legend
  • Teaching toys in great stride - playtime study is booming
  • Industry: A Montanna towns mining undermines streets
  • Theater: Advise and Consent - a stage hit
  • Modern Living - Highlights of a lighting genius
  • Fashion: The Quiche - Not a dance or dessert - The latest French Curl
  • Polygamy passing - A Congo king loses 750 of his wives
  • Music: Tiny teen's song hit - Brenda Lee country's fastest rising female singer
  • Party - Portugal chooses it's new "birds of light" for Christmas

A Collector's Bonanza - Old Vintage Ads

Their collection of advertisements, many full-page full-color ads from iconic brands of the time, was one of the hallmarks of LIFE magazine issues that were perused with as much interest as the articles. (hmmm... does Playboy come to mind)

A representative list of some of the ads in LIFE magazine issues might include:

  • Vintage ads: Full page color ads: Bell Telephone Systems, Old Forester Whiskey, American Motors, Walker's Deluxe Whiskey, Borden's Ice Cream, One-a-Day vitamins,Reader's Digest, Squib Phamicuticals, ETHYL Corp., Florida Land, AC Sparkplugs, Evinrude, Buick, Chef Boy-ar-Dee, National Homes, Ford, Wesson Oil, Monsanto, Lord Calvert, Brown shoes, General Motors, Salem, National Bo, Mercury Outboards, Green Giant, King Sano Cigs., Sealtest Ice Cream, Pillsbury, LifeSavers, Avis Rent-a-Car, Old Charter Whiskey, Mennon, Chase & Sanborn, Philco TV, Miss Clairol, Schlitz, Chesterfield, Coca-Cola, Ford Chevrolet. American Airlines, Friskies Dog Food, Pontiac, A&P Ann Page Foods, Kentile Floors, Miss Clairol, Kraft Jellies, Esso Motor Oil, American Standard Western Electric, Campbell's Soup, Zenith, Douglas DC-8, Mercury, Wesson Oil, Chrysler, Sanka, International Truck, Philip Morris, Ritz Crackers, Studebaker Champ Truck, Valiant Car, Calvert Reserve, Oldsmobile ...and dozens of other ads!

Own This Vintage Original Issue of LIFE magazine

This original issue, including original address label, is in good condition, with the normal wear you would expect from a 50 year old magazine. No loose, detached, or torn pages. The photos are of the original issue so you can judge it's condition, and it is available with Free shipping at:

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