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Old Vintage Life Magazines - January 5, 1959 - The New China

Updated on February 15, 2011

LIFE Magazines - An American Institution

Old, or as some say - Vintage LIFE magazines illustrate America's perspectives long before anything like the Internet existed. This original January 5, 1959 issue of LIFE magazine shows what America was thinking about that week - the top news stories, and what were important social issues of the time. Complete with full-color vintage ads and vivid photo essays, LIFE magazine gave Americans a window on the world beyond their front yard.

Now considered an American icon, LIFE magazine symbolizes America's state of affairs, and American's interests. There's something about holding a piece of America's past in your hands that no amount of Internet research can duplicate.

Old Vintage Life Magazine January 5, 1959 - AntiU.S. Rallies in the New China
Old Vintage Life Magazine January 5, 1959 - AntiU.S. Rallies in the New China

January 5, 1959 - Original LIFE Magazine Issue

Front Cover: Anti-U.S. Rally in Peking's T'ien an Men Square

  • Front cover headlines: New Generation Chinese at Anti-U.S. Rally, The Talking Satellite - The New China, from the Inside - *inside front cover: full-color Kraft Caramel Candies ad

Rear Cover: Salem Cigarettes ad - *inside rear cover: full color Barley and Malt Institute ad

Feature Story: Over 20 pages of photos and text concerning China's "Great Leap Forward." Covers China's massive building projects, transformation from an agricultural society to an industrial society, and the clash of the new society with the communist peasant commune lifestyle.

Featured Story: The Atlas, the first satellite communications for the U.S. that broadcast President Dwight Eisenhower's voice. And a monkey's demonstration that man can ride a rocket.  Includes 11 pages of story and photos

Table of Contents:

  • In times of trouble and inflation - a Peronista in Argentina
  • Stopgap for New York: City misses strike-stopped papers
  • Rockefeller resort opens in Puerto Rico
  • Editorial: The Budget - a hope for '59
  • Editorial: Mikoyan's War: a danger in '59
  • Editorial: Excellence - a model for any year
  • Photographic Essay: Red China bid for a future - young and old join in "The Great Leap Forward"
  • Article: Misery, oppression, and fear inside China's communes - two Chinese who escaped tells what it is like - the movement even regulated sex
  • Education: Chattanooga pupils learn numbers as they play hopscotch
  • Nightclubs: Tammy Grimes, a "kooky" girl, is a spritely new nightclub chanteuse
  • Party: An 80th wedding anniversary in Utah

Old Vintage Ads - A Bonanza for Collectors

The collection of advertisements, many full-page full-color ads from iconic brands of the time, was one of the trademark features of LIFE magazine. Most issues were scanned for the ads as much as for the other photo and text content.

A sampling list of some of the ads in LIFE magazine issues might include:

  • Vintage ads: Full page color ads: Kentile Floors, Miss Clairol, Kraft Jellies, Bell Telephone Systems, Old Forester Whiskey, American Motors, LifeSavers, Avis Rent-a-Car, Old Charter Whiskey, Mennon, Walker's Deluxe Whiskey, Borden's Ice Cream, One-a-Day vitamins,Reader's Digest, Squib Phamicuticals, Green Giant, King Sano Cigs., Sealtest Ice Cream, Pillsbury,Chase & Sanborn, ETHYL Corp., Florida Land, AC Sparkplugs, Evinrude, Buick, Chef Boy-ar-Dee, National Homes, Ford, Wesson Oil, Monsanto, Lord Calvert, Brown shoes, General Motors, Salem, National Bo, Mercury Outboards,Philco TV, Miss Clairol, Schlitz, Wesson Oil, Chrysler, Sanka, International Truck, Philip Morris, Ritz Crackers, Chesterfield, Coca-Cola, Ford Chevrolet. American Airlines, Friskies Dog Food, Pontiac, A&P Ann Page Foods, Kentile Floors, Miss Clairol, Kraft Jellies, Esso Motor Oil, American Standard Western Electric, Campbell's Soup, Zenith, Douglas DC-8, Mercury, Studebaker Champ Truck, Valiant Car, Calvert Reserve, Oldsmobile ...and dozens of other ads!

This Old Vintage LIFE Magazine Issue Could be Yours

This January 5, 1959 LIFE Magazine is an original issue, with the original address label. It is in good condition, (but fragile),  with the normal wear that a 50 year old magazine would have. No loose, detached, or mutilated pages, but some pages do have edge tears, but these are not excessive and are hard to see when pages are flat. The photos are of the original issue so you can judge it's condition, and it is available with Free shipping at:

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