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Old Vintage LIFE Magazines - 1959 - Pat Boone - Black Africa

Updated on February 15, 2011

An American Tradition - Vintage LIFE Magazines

Old, vintage, or however you describe them - Life magazines chronicled the news of the week in America with current editorials and vivid photo essays like no other news source of the time.This original issue of February 02, 1959 headlines with Pat Boone, the Eruption of Black Africa, and the Dangers of Skiing.

As an icon of American life of the time, Life magazines symbolized the attitude of America, and there is something about holding a piece of the past in your hands that Internet research just can't match.

Old Vinatage LIFE Magazines - February 2, 1959 - headlines Pat Boone Skiing, and rare Dogs. Along with photo essays and vintage ads
Old Vinatage LIFE Magazines - February 2, 1959 - headlines Pat Boone Skiing, and rare Dogs. Along with photo essays and vintage ads

February 2, 1959 - Vinatge Issue LIFE Magazine

Front Cover: Pat Boone - a teenage idol - *inside front cover: full-color Buster Brown Shoes ad

  • Front Cover headlines: The Lunatic Dangers of Skiing, Color: 8 pages of rare dogs, Eruption of Black Africa, Pat Boone - Million dollar idol of U.S. teenages

Rear Cover: Salem Cigarettes ad - *inside rear cover: Old Taylor Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ad

Featured Stories:

  • Vengeful Spectacle - As onlookers point accusingly and yell for blood in a sports stadium, a Cuban "war criminal" stars in a unique spectacle. Castro's circus trial. 
  • Big Boom in Boone - An intimate portrait of Pat Boone shows how good sense, humor, and behavior can be made into big business, and a best seller
  • The Demille Epic - The genius of a showman who turned a personal flamboyance into the entertainment of billions lives on in pictures of his career
  • To Ski Maniacs: Whoa! - Eying trails strewn with limbs, LIFE sports editor Marshall Smith takes a perilous stand on the ski slopes and yells - whoa!
  • What's New in Canines - New York's big dog show boasts a bevy of bizarre breeds new to U.S. Some of the strangest to become popular are shown in full color.
  • African Trouble Ahead - In part II of a special report, staff writer Robert Coughlan takes a close look at the not-yet-free part of Africa, and sees trouble.

This Week's Events:

  • Hate Holds Court in Cuba - as Castro's government makes a Roman circus of a trial for a man's life. Full story and photos
  • DeMille's legacy of epics - his work and his life, a 45 year movie career has ended
  • A Swift Winter Thaw - takes a deadly toll: floods spread death and ruin, and gouge their way into a mine full of men
  • Denver Turns Out for the Cattlemen - Stock show opens: Colorado centenial with pigs and goodies, cows and dolls

Editorial: A Budget: "Political" and how!, plus - A Budget: also more meaningful

Photographic Essays: Rare New Breeds o Dogs -eight pages of color, Pat Boone Boom

Articles: The Scary Sappy life of America's Ski Maniacs, and, Stormy future for Africa

Education: A Studious Scion's Plain Title - John D. Rockefeller IV goes native in japan

Science: From Teakettle to atomic electricity: an old principle plus new materials makes a compact generator for satellites

Party: Welcomer on the go: U.S. protocol chief squires a president

A Wish List for Vintage Ads Collectors

A hallmark feature of LIFE magazines was their collection of advertisements. many full-page ads from iconic brands of the past, some in full-color, were included in each issue.

A sampling of the ads in LIFE magazine issues might include:

  • Vintage ads: Full page color ads: American Motors, One-a-Day vitamins,Reader's Digest, Squib Phamicuticals, Bell Telephone Systems, Old Forester Whiskey, ETHYL Corp., Mennon, Chase & Sanborn, General Motors, Florida Land, AC Sparkplugs, Evinrude, Buick, Chef Boy-ar-Dee, National Homes, Walker's Deluxe Whiskey, Borden's Ice Cream, Ford, Wesson Oil, Monsanto, Lord Calvert, Brown shoes, Sealtest Ice Cream, Pillsbury, LifeSavers, Avis Rent-a-Car, Old Charter Whiskey, Salem, National Bo, Mercury Outboards, Ford Chevrolet. American Airlines, Green Giant, King Sano Cigs., Philco TV, Miss Clairol, Schlitz, Chesterfield, Coca-Cola, Friskies Dog Food, Pontiac, A&P Ann Page Foods, Kentile Floors, Campbell's Soup, Zenith, Douglas DC-8, Mercury, Wesson Oil, Chrysler, Sanka, International Truck, Philip Morris, Ritz Crackers, Studebaker Champ Truck, Esso Motor Oil, American Standard Western Electric, Calvert Reserve, Oldsmobile Valiant Car, Miss Clairol, Kraft Jellies, ...and dozens of other ads!

Buy This Issue of a Vintage LIFE Magazine

This original issue of LIFE magazine is in good condition, including original address label, with the normal wear you would expect from a 50 year old magazine. No loose, detached, or torn pages. You can judge it's condition by the photos of the original issue, and it is available with Free shipping at:

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    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I sell at, my own internet store and ebay. Punch in LIFE magazine in the eBay search box and you will probably see various collectors buying and selling. RJ

    • Appletreedeals profile image

      Appletreedeals 6 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland USA

      @Reynold Jay - Thanks for the visit - what venue do you use to sell your comics?

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I enjoyed this immensely. Very useful... up one and useful. I sell old comics for a good living. RJ