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Roman Chess Set

Updated on April 30, 2011

Roman Chess Sets

Roman chess sets are a fantastic twist on the classic game of Chess, with a mix of strategy and also the great history, culture and fun of the Roman empire. Roman chess pieces are great as the Romans work well as parts of Chess as they were great fighters and their power helped them create the famous Roman Empire. Roman chess sets also look really good and make a game of Chess a lot more interesting!

A Roman chess set is obviously more expensive than just a normal cheaper chess set as they are much more detailed, often feature better materials like metal and some are also hand painted and overall a lot more time and care has been taken over them.

We are going to be looking at the best Roman chess sets available and I will


Small Romans and Greeks Chess Sets

This Romans and Greek chess set gives you brilliant chess pieces from two fantastic classic civilisations and military conquests to play with and battle against.  I could not think of many better chess sets to play with.  Note this chess set does sadly not include a chess board but they can be purchased cheaply in many places or you can use any other chess boards you have!

The chess pieces are very detailed and are hand-cast in zinc and then brass and nickel plated. The pieces are then treated to stop them tarnishing, providing a high quality finish!

Larger Version of Small Romans and Greeks Chess Set

The same as above but a bigger version and an excellent Chess set!

Mini Roman Chess Set
Mini Roman Chess Set | Source

Mini Roman Chess Set

A beautifully crafted Roman chess set with 32 chess pieces and a House of Staunton Vinyl chess board worth $20.  Comes with 16 Roman light chess pieces made of an antiqued ground stone and 16 dark Roman chess pieces stained a rich burgundy brown.

This chess set is also great for history with the King being the famous Julius Caesar and the Queen a lady of noble birth in the correct dress as Caesar had many unimportant wives.  The Rook is the Roman capital and the pawns foot soldiers. The bishop is a General and the Knight is a soldiers' horse!

This is a wonderful Roman chess set and one of the very best around and it comes with a chess board too and is great value for money for a unique chess set.

Egyptian vs Romans Hand Painted Chessmen

This is a Romans vs Egyptians chess set which is hand painted and very detailed. The chess pieces are very good as they represent famous people/soldiers!

It does not include a chess board but is still a very good Chess set and is different from the other Roman chess sets.

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading! | Source

Roman Chess

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