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The Next Gen War: Part 1

Updated on July 25, 2010

Check out this video of a demo on Gears of War

Check out some 360 stuff on Amazon

Check out this trailer for Splinter Cell Double Agent

Here is some Saints Row fun

Find out what console you should be spending your money on in this crazy Next Gen War

The Next Gen War is upon us and if you’re a gamer, then you have something to decide. You need to decide which consoles you are going to buy and which you are not. This sometimes can be as simple as a price issue but really it’s a lot more then that. You have to look at the games, online modes, how many players can play on one console, the other pieces of hardware that you may need or want to have when getting the new console, lifestyle, time, and children. Let’s get into the Next Gen Consoles and see what they have to offer for you and your money on this coming November 2006.

First we have the Microsoft Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 came out last November and has had a full year to beef up on the competition. It offers HD gaming, online play (with a yearly fee), up to 4 local players at once, wireless controllers, the ability to view pictures, videos, play music, downloadable free patches, cheap fun arcade games like card games and classic Sega and Nintendo games, downloadable demos, movies, videos, a external HD-DVD player, video chat, and an optional 20 GB hard drive. That’s the basics of it; let’s get into a deeper look at it and what these features have to offer.

The Xbox 360 supports High Def gaming as long as you have a high def TV. It supports both 720 and 1080. Hooking up your 360 to a HD TV really makes everything look so much more clear and crisp. The only bad thing about it is that if you don’t have a HD TV then the quality can be kind of blurry and text is sometimes hard and in some instances impossible to read. But that said its next gen so it’s aiming towards HD.

The Online service of the 360 simply is kickass. They call it Xbox Live and it homes a ton of features. The service allows you to send messages to different people just by inputting their username and also you can talk to them through a headset. A new feature that has come out in the last month is the ability to video chat via an external webcam that you can buy for it. This adds a nice little community feel to it because then you can add friends to your buddy list and see what they are doing and play with them online if you wish. Some other cool features of the Live service is that you can get onto the Marketplace and download free game trailers, demos, profile pictures, music videos, and arcade games. This is a really nice feature because you can check our upcoming game trailers and see what they are all about, even better is when they have demos and you can play the game for free before actually buying it. The arcade games come in demos and full length games. They are pretty fun games and are just a few bucks to buy. They have a lot of classic games on there like blackjack, Uno, Mortal Kombat, Dig-Dug, Pool, and a bunch of other just quick fun games. The Xbox Live service cost I think about 30 or 40 bucks a year and sometimes you can find deals on it. Having this service puts the 360 as a high contender because it allows the gamer to access a ton of material right from their Xbox 360.

The 360 acts as its own media machine. You are able to stream music and videos from your PC strait to your 360. Also you can just pop in a CD or DVD and listen and watch if you wish. I personally like just putting some music on my little USB drive and plugging it into my 360 and I can then just listen to whatever is on it. You can also copy the music straight to your 20 GB hard drive which is nice because during a game you can listen to music if you aren’t feeling what the game has playing. This is a nice feature for anyone who likes to play media in general. Another new feature that has been added also is the ability to watch HD-DVDs on an external HD-DVD player that you can buy for your 360. This is really nice if you have the whole HD setup, the TV, the HD-DVD movie, and then the 360. It’s sort of like an HD orgasm.

Finally what makes any gaming console worth buying is the actual games that you can play on it. Right now there are some really good solid games out for the 360 and some that make you want to buy it. They have The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion which is a huge RPG game that will take you forever to beat and there are a ton of missions to do. I haven’t finished the game but I have spent 90 hours playing the game. Burnout Revenge is a fast arcade racer that sports high speed racing, online play, encourages crashing and has a ton of unlockables and different modes. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter (aka GRAW), is a third person pov game that allows you to be a soldier in the middle of an undercover war going on in Mexico that threatens the whole world. You are the leader of 3 other soldiers and you can make commands and they follow. Splinter Cell: Double Agent is the 4th game in the series of Splinter Cell and you are Sam Fisher, the secretest of the secret guys and you are sent to infiltrate a homeland terrorist group from within and be one of them and take them out. It sports some of the best graphics I have seen, very addictive online play, and a ton of cool things to do as Sam. Saints Row is the Xbox 360 version of GTA. It has kick ass graphics on a huge scale, sports sweet sand box action and awesome online play. One cool thing about the graphics is that cars never blow up the same. I was being chased by some bad guys and I shot a RPG at a car following me and the car blew up, tires went flying and rolling, the hood flew out and hit some other cars damaging them, and the car did one of those front flips in a big ball of flames.....sweet. Gears of War comes out in a few days and is promised to be the next Halo for the 360. So far it’s looking to do just that. You are a soldier in the future where some alien type of dudes come to take over the world and it’s up to you and your homies to stop this from happening. It has a huge epic single player campaign and crazy fun online play. One cool feature of the online play I was reading about was that it has voice recognition. Meaning, as you scream “IM A MANIAC, MANIAC ON THE FLOOR”, your character in the game will simulate the same movement with their lips. How cool is that you can run around mowing people down while your lips are puckered up as you whistle. So there you have it with the games, it’s a solid lineup and I personally love the games on the 360. Oh also Grand Theft Auto: 4 will be coming out for the 360 as well as the PS3 and promises to have exclusive content to the 360.

In the end, the 360 is a solid gaming unit with great multimedia capabilities and is able to sport beautiful HD content. There are two bundles that the game comes in, the core package, and the…..I don’t even know what the other one is called. None the less, one cost 300 dollars and the other 400 dollars. I bought the 400 dollar one because it comes with the 20 GB hard drive, HD cable hookups, wireless controller and……a few other things that you’ll want and the 300 dollar package really doesn’t have anything worth while buying. So that is what the Xbox 360 is, be sure to check out my external links to other game info and my other hub on the 360. Also be sure to check out my second and third part of this hub extravaganza and find out which next gen console you should be buying.

Check out this screenshot from Gears

Check out Wii stuff on Amazon

check out this pic of Splinter Cell Double Agent

Ask me some questions and ill answer them

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      free psp game downloads 

      11 years ago

      The PSP is the best!

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      12 years ago from San Francisco

      glad to see your hubbin again


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