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Can you form a sentence involving these five words?...

  1. DaniellaWood profile image85
    DaniellaWoodposted 8 years ago

    Can you form a sentence involving these five words?...

    Ok, here's the challenge: you have to form one correctly structured sentence which involves the following five words: Christmas, Cockadoodledoo, Spot, Lollipop, Flamingo.  I chose these words at random, clearly! haha
    You can change the words to fit the sentence, for example, "spot" can go to "spots" etc. The words can be in any order and it can be as bizarre, as whackey, as non-sensical and as long a sentence as you like - have fun with it! Ready? ...Go!

  2. Lady_E profile image75
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    On Christmas Day, the Flamingo spots a lollipop and goes, "Wow, Cockadoodledoo.  It must have dropped from Santa's Sleigh, but hope it doesn't give me the runs."

  3. ODDJOBSMOM profile image54
    ODDJOBSMOMposted 8 years ago

    Nearly Christmas, Jenny went to the Lollipop Festival to find a gift for her students, when she arrived there was a flamingo riding a dog named Spot, they were both yelling, "Cockadoodledoo, she grabbed 23 lollipops and left very quickly.

  4. Rayalternately profile image62
    Rayalternatelyposted 8 years ago

    “Cockadoodledoo, is that a Flamingo I spot?” exclaimed Lollipop, the talking chicken I was given last Christmas.

  5. Jeffrey Neal profile image85
    Jeffrey Nealposted 8 years ago

    My most vivid memory is of last Christmas Day when I saw a most absolutely weird spectacle of a Spotted Flamingo that was intermittently sucking on a Lollipop in between Cockadoodledoos!

  6. Playathome2 profile image54
    Playathome2posted 8 years ago

    Spot the Flamingo started screaming cocadoodledoo early Christmas morning while licking on his lollipop.

  7. Patty Inglish, MS profile image93
    Patty Inglish, MSposted 8 years ago

    "Cockadoodledoo," crowed the panicked Flamigo, "I see my Christmas Lolliop in your doghouse, Spot - you bad dog!"

  8. Silver Poet profile image70
    Silver Poetposted 8 years ago

    Spot, the dog, stole a lollipop from under the Christmas tree while bumping into a flamingo ornament and a toy rooster that crowed, "Cockadoodledoo!"

  9. profile image48
    joannabananaposted 8 years ago

    last christmas morning while looking out the window i heard a "cockadoodledoo" when i turned to investigate i spotted a flamingo eating a lolipop!

  10. NJ's Ponderings profile image79
    NJ's Ponderingsposted 7 years ago

    It was the night before Christmas when all through the house
    all the creatures were stirring, even my spouse.
    When the stockings were hung on the chimney with such care,
    when the animals glared on a sole item that had fallen on the chair.
    While visions of lollipops danced in their heads,
    No one was nestled in their snug beds
    when a screech could be heard from the flamingo in a cap
    as he raced to the prize, disturbing the rooster from his nap
    With a cockadodledoo, he made such a clatter
    that the dog jumped up to see what was the matter
    Away to the chimney he ran like a flash
    He saw nothing but spotty ash....

  11. sharing the sky profile image68
    sharing the skyposted 7 years ago

    "Cockadoodledoo!", cried Lollipop, the Flamingo, when she discovered a spot on her Christmas dinner outfit.

  12. Pikachusif profile image68
    Pikachusifposted 6 years ago

    A flamingo named spot received a toy rooster that exclaimed, "Cockadoodledoo!" and a lollipop with a rainbow swirl for Christmas.