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What's the best role-playing game for the XBox 360?

  1. crankalicious profile image94
    crankaliciousposted 6 years ago

    What's the best role-playing game for the XBox 360?

    I'm a big fan of games like "Dragon Age" and "Diablo". I downloaded "Torchlight" and it seems pretty good. Just wondering if there's something out there that I've missed.

  2. trotter2099 profile image79
    trotter2099posted 6 years ago

    My fav game for the xbox 360 is 'Fallout new vegas'. It Rocks. Final Fantasy for the xbox 360 is also pretty good.

  3. Dallas Matier profile image85
    Dallas Matierposted 6 years ago

    An old question, but what the hell... may as well throw in an answer. There's Oblivion, and the upcoming Skyrim, part of the Elder Scrolls series, and both traditional fantasy RPGs. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, if you want something a little different - post-apocalyptic RPGs set in a world struggling to survive and slowly rebuilding. Final Fantasy 13, if you like the Japanese brand of RPGs, was pretty good. And, Lost Odyssey, also, which was arguably more of a traditional Final Fantasy game than FF13 turned out to be - as well as being a pretty good game in its own right.

  4. AM Hanson profile image77
    AM Hansonposted 5 years ago

    Here are my favorites based on genre
    Sword and Sorcery: The Elder Scrolls Series
    Futuristic/Guns and Aliens: Mass Effect Trilogy
    Post-Apocalyptic: Fallout Series

    I'd say to try Morrowind, Mass Effect (the original), and Fallout 3.  yeah, yeah, Fallout: New Vegas had iron sights and factions and getting perks through challenges, but I feel that Fallout 3 is extremely better in nearly every aspect.  If they put the love and effort they had with Fallout 3 together with the stuff I mentioned about Fallout: New Vegas, then Fallout 4 is going to be beyond amazing