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New XBox360 Kinect is Racist?

  1. tritrain profile image84
    tritrainposted 7 years ago

    That's the claim by some folks.  It doesn't pickup dark skin tones very well.


    1. Twyler (Crazy T) profile image59
      Twyler (Crazy T)posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      If that Gloria Allred broad hasn't sniffed this one out yet...must not be much to it.

    2. melpor profile image93
      melporposted 7 years ago

      No. People alway make something ridicious out of basic technology because they do not fully understand it. Kinect work on the principle of detecting infrared light (heat). It does not matter what color your skin is, we all generate heat. It uses facial recognition software to identify the users and log them in system. As always technology comes with it limitations; Consumer Reports was only stating that Kinect works better in a well lit environment to pick up those facial features for the recognition software to work better. There is no racism here.

    3. warchild75 profile image78
      warchild75posted 7 years ago

      That is one of the most unintentionally funny titles ever!!smile

      1. David 470 profile image84
        David 470posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        lol smile

    4. BobbiRant profile image62
      BobbiRantposted 7 years ago

      I suppose racism exists anywhere someone wants to look deep for it.  It's likely just a camera glitch, they'll work it out one day.

    5. profile image0
      TechTrendyposted 7 years ago

      Thats like asking if the colored ink in tattoos is racist because it doesn't show up well on darker skinned people. I agree with warchild the title definitely got my attention!

    6. profile image0
      Aleister888posted 7 years ago

      Whilst obviously not racist, the concept is still hilariously funny, haha great find smile

    7. xboxps3wow profile image43
      xboxps3wowposted 7 years ago

      thats just stupid.. it could be that its having a bit of trouble recognizing darker skin for face recognition. Or people might have poor lighting conditions in the room. It has to be bright for it to work decently