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Why Affirmations Don't Work

Updated on January 26, 2016

Affirmations Can Help Us to Achieve Our Goals for 2016.

What are affirmations? They are positive statements which we can use to help us achieve our goals.

We are often told to say affirmations in order to bring about positive change. But many people are disappointed in their results when trying to use affirmations.

This article is the companion piece to Why Visualization Doesn't Work.

Plus, make sure you check out the Resources section below.

Do Your Affirmations Work for You?

An explanation of problems people may have with affirmations

Every single thing we do has an effect. Our every word, thought and action affects us and those around us.

Every sound has a vibration, and when we use positive words, they have a positive effect which vibrates through our minds and through every cell in our bodies.

So all we have to do is keep affirming our positive intentions over and over again. Right? Wrong. If this were true , we would all be millionaires already and we would all have happy, healthy, successful, joyful lives.

If you are a millionaire already and your life is perfect, please stop reading now, write to me and tell me how you did it. Otherwise, keep reading.

If you read the Abraham Hicks books or Louise Hay (this material was around for years before The so-called Secret) or any of the other writers about positive thought, affirmations, or the Law of Attraction, you will learn that once you start positively affirming your goals, you have to wait for a period of time before you begin to see positive results.

Affirmations on Amazon - Books and Resources to Help You with Your Affirmations Process

The Power of Affirmations: Focus the Power of the Universe
The Power of Affirmations: Focus the Power of the Universe
My ebook. Loads of information on affirmations and how to use them.
Self-Esteem Affirmations
Self-Esteem Affirmations
Louise Hay was one of the first authors to make the use of affirmations widely popular.
You Can Heal Your Life Affirmations Kit
You Can Heal Your Life Affirmations Kit
People have been using Louise Hay's books and tapes to heal and transform their lives for many years.
Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness
Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness
A brilliant book. See "Change Your Life" below for my review.

Change Your Life

Reviews of Books that Can Help You Change Your Life

Click here for Money and the Law of Attraction.

Click here for Attract Abundance Now with EFT.

Want to make a breakthrough? See the Resources section below.

Inner Harmony

Lack of integration can lead to affirmations not working

In order to achieve your goals, you need to experience inner harmony (also known as integration). This means you need to have the different parts of you working together. Inner conflict between different parts of ourselves is one of the main reasons affirmations don't work and we don't achieve our goals.

For example, if one part of you is saying "I want more money" or "I want $10,000 [insert your own money goal here], but another part of you is saying "I'm not sure I deserve this", or "It's too hard" or something similar, you will most likely not achieve your money goal.

Click here for a fun video on EFT tapping for $50,000 with Margaret Lynch.

Want to make a breakthrough? See the Resources section below.

The Waiting Period

What they don't usually tell you is what happens while you are waiting. What needs to happen is a process of transformation. Transforming negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that undermine us. Transforming them into thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that help and support us to achieve our goals.

Changing Negatives to Positives

We need to dig out those old, negative beliefs. They may be buried deep in our unconscious minds. We may have been carrying them around for many years.

And here's the really fun part: When we first move towards our goals, be they health and healing goals, money, career, relationship or any other goals, the first thing that happens is we become aware of what's getting in the way. Big and in your face! YEAH!!!

In other words, the more we use positive affirmations - positive thoughts, supportive, uplifting words - the more we become aware of our negative thoughts and beliefs.

Another way of putting this is:

Love always brings up its opposite for healing.

For more about how to do this, see: Clear Up Destructive Money Beliefs.

We can use similar methods to address any area of our lives. You can use this to find a job or improve your employment prospects. For more about this, see Money and the Law of Attraction.

You may also be interested in Online Jobsearch Resources.

Want to make a breakthrough? See the Resources section below.

The 3-Stage Process

Positive change and transformation is a three-step process. It involves:

- rooting out the negative

- emphasising the positive

- opening to the universe.

Although this article is called "Why Affirmations Don't Work", the truth is that they do. Every time you say, "I'll never get there" or "I'm too old/youhg/broke/ whatever" or "This won't work" or "THEY won't let me", you are using affirmations. And these negative thoughts have a powerful effect on your life.

You can change the quality of your thoughts. Choose to use positive, empowering and uplifting thoughts.

For more about this, see the 3-Step Process for Success in the Resources section below.

More about Inner Harmony

How to Achieve Inner Harmony

Different parts of ourselves, sometimes called "subpersonalities", often have different agendas. This can lead to internal conflict. One part of us is working to bring about positive change while another part is still sticking to a previous agenda.

When we start to bring about change in our lives, we often become more aware of what is getting in the way. This can be frustrating or even frightening.

Want to make a breakthrough in your life? See the Resources section below.

We need to befriend all different parts of ourselves. For more about achieving internal harmony, see see Befriending the Shadow.

In order to achieve harmony, we need to integrate the different parts of ourselves. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help with this process. For more about this, see Achieving Fabulous Success.

For more about meditation, see The Key to Everything.

Bringing about Change at a Deep Level

In order to bring about change at a deep level, we need to work with our core conditioning, or core programming. This is one of the main reasons why affirmations don't work - we are not dealing with our core issues.

For more about this, see Change Your Life with Core Conditioning.

An excellent book for working with your core conditioning is The Key to Everything.

Enjoying the Process

The process of bringing about real, lasting and deep-seated change in your life may be difficult. You may come up against painful and challenging stuff.

But you can make it a much more fun and enjoyable experience.

Using the Law of Attraction tells us that the more we enjoy the process, the more quickly we will achieve the results we want, and the better our results will be.

To read more about this, visit: Achieving Fabulous Success.

And if you carry on with it, you will achieve your goals and create the life you want.

Want to make a breakthrough? See the Resources section below.

Resources - How to Achieve Your Breakthrough

Resources to help you achieve your goals and attract what you want into your life.


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