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Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

Updated on November 6, 2010

Time to Get Fit - Weight Loss Exercise for Success

Many people want to learn how to lose belly fat and finally get fit and trim, but working out, day after day, can begin to feel like drudgery. It can sometimes be hard to stay motivated, especially when the results are not immediately motivated, or if you have a lot to lose and you know the road is going to be a long one. However, there is help to keep you going. Learn the tips fitness devotees use to stay motivated and keep on track with their weight loss program. The best way to lose weight is to stay motivated and with a few tips you can learn how to lose weight fast!

How to Lose Weight Fast

1. Don’t put away your workout gear –

Keep your workout gear strategically placed throughout the house. If the first thing you see in the morning are your sneakers and workout clothes, exercise will be on your mind. If you want to know how to lose weight, keep dumbbells, jump rope, balance ball or other exercise equipment in plain sight and you’ll never forget your workout again.

Visual cues send a wake-up call to your brain. We all have things that compete for our attention, work, chores, family, but sometimes we need a little reminder to keep exercise a priority in or lives.

If you don’t want to leave everything out in plain sight, choose one or two prime locations, like by the TV or phone. Choosing places where you spend a lot of time and can use the equipment will motivate you to pick it up and get in a little exercise.

An excellent piece of workout equipment to keep handy is a rebounder, this mini trampoline is a lot of fun and so easy to jump on whenever you have a few spare minutes. The health advantages as well as the metabolic boost will having you feeling amazing. Because it's quiet, you can even jump while watching your favorite movie or TV program.

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat
Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

2. Make your commute a workout –

If you don’t have time for your morning workout, plan to run, walk or bike home from work. Not only will you get your workout in, you’ll be making the most efficient use of your time. It’s a great strategy for people who are too busy to squeeze in a workout. If you can’t swing the logistics of leaving your car at work, try carpooling or public transportation. Another great option is to park your car a mile from work and get a power walk to and from the office. This is the fastest way to lose weight as it gets your metabolism burning calories and fat and keeps it on overdrive throughout the day.

3. Invest in some new workout clothes –

If you only have one outfit to workout in, when it’s dirty, you’ll automatically skip your workout. Load up on plenty of cute outfits and you’ll be even more motivated to put them on and get fit. Having the right clothes also helps to identify you as a person who exercises, it’s part of your life and identify and you’ll be more likely to keep it up. Stock up on at least a weeks worth of workout clothes to eliminate any chance of running out and skipping a session. Think of it as an investment in yourself. Look for outfits that show off your best assets and you’ll feel good just getting dressed.

4. Get online and log your workouts –

Posting your workouts online, especially to your social networking sites, adds an element of accountability. It won’t be long and you’ll have your friends and family questioning you when you haven’t logged a workout for a few days. Posting online also serves as a motivation tool and will keep you going, you’ll look forward to posting your workout results for the day.

5. Involve your causes –

Stickk is a website that helps people stay committed to their goals. You can pledge to give a minimum of $5 to a charity or an individual you like, if you meet your goal or to one you dislike if you miss the mark. Strong feelings, especially antipathies, have a multiplier effect. Losing $10 to an enemy feels like a lot more, so you push yourself even harder.

You can also sign up on the website Plus 3 Network, to raise money for charity. You can pick from a list of goals that have prearranged corporate sponsors; if you meet your goal, the sponsor pays the charity.

6. Make friends with the people in your class –

Get your social fix while working out. Some classes help develop friendships more than others, so you might have to do a little sleuthing. If you arrive early and watch, you’ll soon get a sense if people are just staking out their space in class, or if they’re chatting, laughing and having a good time. If you get involved in a class that is friendly and social, you’ll look forward to going and seeing your friends, working out and catching up on the latest news. It’s another little boost to your motivation and a great way to shed pounds and lose belly fat.

7. Create your own exercise contest –

Competition can turn the drudgery of a solitary pursuit into a fun group activity. When you’re working hard to beat each other, you are pulling each other along. Even playful teasing can give a sense of camaraderie and the pursuit of a similar goal. You can make the contest for anything, the most steps walked, the most hours at the gym, weight lost, whatever works for your group. Consider limiting the competition to four or six week rounds, with weekly check-ins. You can have each participant contribute a small amount that will be awarded to the winner of that round, or you can simply aim for bragging rights.

Be sure to utilize these seven habits for successful weight loss and visit our article on green tea weight loss tips, you'll burn fat just sipping tea!


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