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Career Advice: How To Handle Work Stress for an Executive PA

Updated on December 12, 2016

Sources of Stress for an Executive PA

Executive Assistants work with busy executives and they share their busy schedule. This can mean supporting a travelling business person, on a twenty four hour basis. Naturally this will mean taking your work home with you. This can cause high levels of stress.

These changes have come about due to various business and technological factors. Globalisation and the growth of large multinationals has led to need to be available for a longer period. In London, you may be needing to come in early to speak to Asia and Australia, whilst late night to speak to the Latin America are also likely. This has led to working irregular hours becoming the norm in modern businesses. This can be difficult on your lifestyle.

Furthermore, the invention of mobile devices and being able to log into work from home due to internet advancements have led to taking your work home a lot more. When you start to always take your work home with you, there can be a large build up of stress. This is because you never get a moment where you can totally switch and release your stress, through genuine relaxation.

Work Life

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Turning your mind off

You need to make sure that you partake in certain activities to improve your ability to relax in body and mind. Exercise is a great means of relaxing. The perspiration generated in exercise will enable your body to detoxifying and generate new strength. Meanwhile, the exercise helps you remove thoughts of your working day. The benefit of being healthier and fitter compound with relaxation is bound to benefit any busy career person.

Certain types of exercise are especially beneficial for a professional looking to de-stress. Yoga and any other meditational activity focuses on removing your mind from world things, including work. This will naturally greatly improve your state of mind and enable total relaxation.

Always try to make sure that you find an exercise that you enjoy. The gym is boring for many people, so look for a more enjoyable exercise if this is the case. Doing something as a chore is not going to help you relax.

For some people the best form of relaxation is to make time to be with their families and their friends. This special time with loved ones can help you switch off and focus on the aspects of your life that are truly important. This is the key to developing a truly excellent work to life balance, which could be beneficial also to your overall performance at work.


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    • Shivali Sharma profile image

      the vibe 3 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks to share the tips for reduce the stress & feel free from load of works.

    • patraining profile image

      Jennifer Hugsworthy 4 years ago from London

      Yes, I agree. Thanks for your comments. Its nice to here people liking them

    • guided-imagery profile image

      guided-imagery 4 years ago from Santa Fe, New Mexico

      Great advice for reducing stress, especially spending time with family and friends. It's always good to remember your focus in life.