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Your Obsessive Reactive Suspcious Mind: How To Make it Work for You (8th House Sex Stuff)

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

Auntie 'Em!  Auntie 'Em!
Auntie 'Em! Auntie 'Em! | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Getting Inside Your Mind!

Dissolution is the prerequisite to life. According to the laws of basic physics, all things eventually dissolve into another form of energy. And, so, too will you dissipate.

As deep, penetrating, mysterious, foreboding and incalculable as life is, it’s still the best thing going. {From this side of the impenetrable veil, anyway.} We are now cautiously venturing into the 8th House of the MODE OF Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrological landscape.

From this point on, you will skirt the edge of the rim of your deepest fears, obsessions, denied dreams, ability to love and care for children, sexual hang ups, obsession/relationship with money, need to exploit others, length and breadth of vanity, secret desire to rule the world, {Or at least, your world with everyone in it} and every religious neurotic tendency you could ever invent, relate to, dispose or crave.

Instead of the neurotic fears and uncompromising obsessions, uncontrolled paranoia and incessant needless worrying, grievous jealousy and cancerous greed you possess working against you why not turn the tables over in your favor?

Interested in letting go of the idiotic way you currently bombard your overtaxed, overburdened and overindulged mind? then, by all means, let's do it! We will, simply because I love astrology, delve into the dark corners of the 8th house for a little esoteric light on the subject, ok?

According to traditional astrology the 8thhouse is the precarious domain of sex, death and money. But, it has been my experience that the 8th house goes much deeper than these obvious realities. The 8th house represents the deepest definition of a dreary dungeon of a cellar that one can imagine. {THE HUMAN MIND!}

And, of course with that being said, it is also the ONE place where every single bit of magic miracles occur!

With each and every self created beast, demon, relic, ghost, uninhabited spirit, poltergeist and fairy tail, most cherished desires, obsessions, neurosis and paranoid delusions and sexual addictions/fantasies magical manifestations created here,

it's a pretty awesome place to visit. This is the putrid domain in which is the manner in which you fight, argue, belittle, birth, create, love, engage in sex, retaliate and get revenge.Can you imagine that? all of these experiences created right here in this dungeon.

You live in the 8th house every single minute of every single day. There is absolutely no way to get away from it. Why? Because this is the house of your imagination . What is the imagination, exactly?

[The unutterable realm of the impassable hierarchical region of god(s)]

Whether you create, sustain and maintain an ineffable ethereal heaven or an insidiously horrible hell is entirely dependent upon the sign on the 8th house cusp.

Whatever that particular sign is, with the planet that rules it,in addition to where he is specifically located in the chart and how he is connected to the 9th and 3rd house determines content.] Ready to do some serious astrological homework on yourself?

Breakdown: 8th house flavor of mind. (Expressed (need the physical activity entailed) in full simulation of the 1st house concealed and dolled up in the (career/vocation/job/business) 3rd. Detailed Designated Talent/Gifts revealed through 8th house planet’s position in chart!

I shall digress for a moment for those of you not familiar with astrology. In other words, this area of the mind is where you actually create your viable and visible world.

No matter if you believe me or not, the plain facts remain that no one other than you is responsible for the world in which you inhabit. It's all based on the thoughts(events) you ingest, assimilate and project. Thoughts are real!

They live in the 8th house. Well, actually they are imprisoned there. but, that's another topic for another day. Suffice it to say, IF you want your outer world to rearrange itself, you must rearrange the energy you are investing in your dungeon.

You talk about soul shattering, teeth chattering, butt smattering; this is the place that sticks it to you. What denied or tormented flavor do you demonstrate in your incessantly constantly nonreducingly irrational torpedic sound of internal dialogue engaged in?

How much self-loathing is distributed among the lot of the prisoners locked up in this part of your diminsihed mind?

This is where you carry on endless conversations with yourself. [Whatever Planet rules the 8th house is directly linked to how your particular mind works.] It is impossible for you to entertain another thought outside the color of the sign on your 8th house. (My flavor is
Gemini.) It would be intriguing for you to discover yours.

What people do you know that represents this sign? That’s your mind talking out loud for everyone to hear, most especially YOU! It is the way your mind and what you think about the most and how you will go about the massively woven scissor like various cleverly contrived ways to achieve that one thing!!!

It’s a torrential rain of nonstop flights to insanity’s bedlam. The persistent chatter of the 8th house mind’s activity controls you like an automated slaved robot until yu come to an understanding of its activity and inherrant desires.

Although on rare occasions, you are capable of discerning deep within, a serene sense of peace exists where there is no competition of spirit or feeling of alienation but the droning of the irascible 8th house chatter drowns the slightest hum in virtue.

If you were able to properly access the ‘still small voice’ that reassures you everything is exactly as things are supposed to be for reasons you can’t see, you might be willing to believe in something long enough to venture onto another page of esoteric reality.

ut, you simply don’t know how to tap into and utilize this precious invaluable cosmic insight.

Have no fear; {Mighty Mouse to Save the Day). You will be able to activate everything sacredly sensually sexually artistic that lies dormant in you. How? [With committed self-study, investigation, application, insight, observance, interaction and of course artistic self-expression with those who you think are the least important people/interests in your life.]

You are going to write, sing, dance, draw, paint, build, create, and sexually demonstrate your most inspired enterprises.

This will be your all consuming business! You are Michelangelo’s Stone to carve. You are the vehicle of sacred sexual artistic expression of your soul’s intent. And she will not be denied! With various indefinable situations, trials, relationships, circumstances and episodes of unerring curiosity, you have decided by exploring the multifaceted province of the 8th house to find out what lies beneath the sheets and under the bed. No more bogey man for you! Remember: your soul will demand utmost honesty without flailing resignation.

Yes, you will be called upon to speak up! But not in defense of yourself or your self-wallowing in pity parties. You must speak the truth no matter how unpopular or how disconnected it feels on the outside.

Never again do you battle with others in trying to prove something; there is nothing to prove. Don’t defend, excuse, apologize or say you’re sorry for anything, anytime! You will never be like others nor are you supposed to be. So stop trying. Accept the fact that you will never want the things other people do.

So stop manipulating your mind in that direction.

Yours is a life of a wandering shaman. You are in search of your other half of your mind, you might say. But, in no wise, way or fashion will that other half be found in an acceptable traditional manner. Accept these truths and you will be far on your way to realizing your soul’s purpose for being alive.

Your soul desires authentic experience while journeying through earth. Not a pre-conceived, pre-conditioned, monitored and examined way of life you would offer to satisfy the need to appease others. Forget that. Do what you damn well want to do without feeling bad or the need to be appreciated or accepted for your funky decisions. You are an artist in search of his/her art. No one else has it for you. You must create it.

In other words, you must seek daily to overcome the fear of death and the obsessive hold it has on you especially with regard to those whom you love and are worried about leaving you. You must learn to turn a deaf ear to the clever guises that your 8th house mind would offer you in order to postpone your soul’s purpose.

Do It NOW! You are not going to find happiness in the same mundane way others might find it. Yours is a path of uncharted territory. IF you ever get stable, or what you perceive as stable and secure, you will be in fact visit in the depths of despair, deprivation and despondency. (All 8th house villains)

You will grow tediously routinely unattractively boring, uninteresting and begin the deadly laborious process of decay. There is NO peace or sense of security to be found in the world of appealing materiality or through another person!!! You carry every ounce of security within your very own being. You must work to liberate it.

Then and only then will you be able to interact in a “committed and loving relationship”. You must learn to remember yourself, to observe yourself and how you throw yourself away when in the presence of others, especially in those idealized romantic excursions.

Until you come to know without reservation that you are the embodiment of love and complete serenity within yourself, in no wise can you share and bond with another. You will always project neediness and that comes across as disparity in need of a savior.

And, NO ONE wants or is equipped for that lack luster job. How does your mind work? By Dissolving it! Get in touch with the 8th house planet and bind him to the chair of excellence in your behalf!

Sexuality will be exposed and expected to be entertained. Are you up for that demonstrative roller coaster ride?

I Don't See A Bug!
I Don't See A Bug!


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