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How To Get Flat Abs And Bid Goodbye To Belly Fat

Updated on June 16, 2011

Flat Sexy Abs On The Cover Of A Womens Magazine


Flat Abs For Men & Women

 Want a sexy figure? Want to get back into shape after pregnancy ? The obsession with most men and women often is their waistline. Flip through any issue of a Men's or Women's magazine and you will almost certainly find a section dedicated to abs. Yes, the obsession with a flat abs begins as a teenager, and continues to worry all, whether man or woman, right into old age. Ah,... the obsession with many to stay young ,,,maybe, will be the subject of another hub. But for now, let us look at all the reasons people from all races of the world would die for a flat abs, and put themselves through harsh regimen and purchase belly fat loss gadgets to fix their problem.

A flat stomach indicates good health, great posture, good fitness levels,mental alertness,and needless to say look sexy,feel sexy and have a great love life. Therein lies the obsession! People want to look and feel sexy, and look good in bed and in their swimsuit. But the average individual, begins to put on extra weight in the middle, around mid -twenties, and keep adding piles by the time they reach forty or sooner. Some have a real good figure except for the belly fat which mars their overall look and gives a feeling of being sloppy. An otherwise great figure develops into a bad posture and you begin to hide behind loose fitting or oversize clothes.

What are the causes of this belly fat?

It is essential to note the reasons why why begin to add fat around the middle. My doctor says that all excess calories that are ingested are converted to fat and stored in the cells of our body, and the first visible signs are around the midriff.

Heredity :The first point to note here is bad genetics. If our parents and grandparents were bulky with no waist at forty, then you will end up the same. Rarely, we come across a person with natural good figure because he is endowed with great genes. And there are several Hollywood actors and actresses I am not talking about. Most, need to go under the knife at some point and engage a Botox specialist to keep them looking gorgeous.

Bad Eating Habits : Do you reach for a bag of Cheese lings or Potato chips before settling on a couch to watch television? Do you love gorging on Fried food,and opt for a Super Size Me Burger with extra cheese and fries more than twice a week ? Do you exercise or rarely do ? Do you eat at regular mealtimes or almost always end up eating whenever you feel like it ? Now, here is the acid test - Can you walk past any food joint or ice cream parlor without ordering for yourself ? Answering the above will give you a better understanding of self.

Work Pressure and Stress : cause one to overeat as well. Reaching for comfort food at the loss of a loved one or a disappointed love affair, one tends to throw caution to the winds and piles on belly fat that soon begin to show and then takes ages to shed. And almost certainly will reappear if you go off a weight loss program or abs shaping gadget that you purchased to shed those extra kilos particularly around the midriff. Insomnia or not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night will further tell on your overall health as well.

Sedentary Lifestyle : Are you bored with the life you lead? No life partner to turn to ? No hobby to keep you the engaged ? And no friends ? Man is a social animal and that means he or she needs someone to talk to, someone to love and some interaction with others. No man is an island! Every person needs to engage in gainful activity and meaningful conversation to keep himself happy. Boredom can lead a person to inculcate bad habits and that includes excessive drinking, eating, and smoking.

Tips For A Great Figure And Flat Abs As well

So, what is the solution to washboard abs?

A Permanent Lifestyle Change !

Where do we begin ? Well, a healthy solution always stems from thinking positive.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is what we need to acquire to gain good overall health. The right frame of mind and the DESIRE to become healthy without unnecessary strain on one's heart, lungs and kidneys is what we must strive for. Once you desire to become a person who is not only physically attractive but also mentally alert and spiritually aware, you are well on your way to being a wonderful individual, one that people love and you are happy to look at, first thing every morning in the bathroom mirror. Cultivating a happy and positive outlook on life and its challenges, you will begin to probe every problem and resolve it easily. And one such need of the hour is getting yourself a flat stomach before the next beach party and perhaps you can attract the right partner into your life.

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat And Sport Flat Abs

Once you have sufficient desire to be seen with flat abs, you need goals to be set up. Let us see, what would you do once you achieved your goal of a flat tummy ? Get into your favorite dress or pair of jeans that you cannot wear comfortably now ? Use this dress or jeans to motivate you every morning. Hang this jeans or dress on a hangar all ready to wear at a convenient place where you will see it on waking every morning. The desire you feel will soon be inspiring enough to go through your day making the right choices with relation to staying in shape.

Healthy Eating Practices

Eat 4-5 small meals a day, the breakfast being the largest and nutritious. Well balanced and wholesome meals are recommended,preferably homemade so that you can monitor the amount of oil and butter being used. Healthy cooking practices can be adopted such as grilling, baking, poaching and simple cooking instead of frying and sauteing foods. Use large quantities of vegetables and fruits that are a mix of colors so as to get the best of fiber and antioxidants into your body. Gives you a certain level of immunity and delays aging.


Sedentary lifestyle is generally the cause for obesity. Resist the urge to become a couch potato. Go out for a walk, preferably on waking or in the evening. Some form of physical activity that burns up calories is necessary. If you find yourself sitting at work all day, look for opportunities to go around your office taking a break once in a while and please do not drink more than two cups of coffee a day and certainly no smoking or drinking. If your work involves staring at the computer monitor for the most part of day, it is recommended that you look away every twenty minutes at far off places, maybe outside the window or a patch of green to relax your eyes. You are encouraged to pick up an activity you enjoy, such as biking (bicycle), jogging or walking briskly. Bikers get to involve muscles that are excellent in cutting flab and paving the way for great abs.

Get Enough Sleep

Insomniacs and those who are too stressed usually are fighting the battle of the bulge doubly hard. Creating a peaceful atmosphere and the right attitudes towards life in general helps to doze off to sleep every night. If you have exercised your body and brain sufficiently during the day, sleep automatically overtakes you.

Meditation and yoga helps one fight stress and disciplines you when you need to make the right choices, particularly when reaching for a cookie, a smoke or an extra drink.

Every drink is nothing but empty calories and every cookie helps iron out the curves on your waistline. Having a pet dog or cat at home can work wonders for some, while a visit to the less privileged at the local orphanage or senior citizens' home makes you keep depression at bay. The reason I cited the above examples,is to give you an excuse to get off your couch and go out, walk and make friends, hit the gym, take a dance lesson,attend a live concert. These help you look at yourself and give you a reason to look and feel good and gives you an opportunity to feel the desire welling up in you to have the figure you once had where your waist was defined and the curves were in the right places making you an object of desire for the opposite sex.

Want to tell yourself that stubborn belly fat is a thing of the past ? Choose some activity such as swimming, cycling, jogging,etc, or enrol at the local gym for a powerful program wherein you sweat it out doing hours of cardio exercises and enjoy getting yourself back into shape, with a well defined waistline. It is every man and woman's dream to sport the sexy look and what better way than to enrol for a program you will like to follow and see results. Motivate yourself in choosing the foods that burn fat in addition to choosing the right workout. If you see the need,consult an experienced personal trainer and nutritionist.

You will enjoy being happy and peaceful, meeting friends and making new ones and definitely love seeing yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning. And of course, you will fit into that favorite dress and your jeans you hung up as an inspiration in your room.


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    • FitnessMarkLorie profile image

      FitnessMarkLorie 5 years ago from Longs, SC

      All great advice, but I feel like some details on the workout style necessary for weight loss should have been in more detail, and actually listed things designed to burn fat. IE interval training! I will say this though, sleep is something commonly missed, even I am guilty of that, so thanks for the reminder!

    • profile image

      risarooh9 6 years ago

      Thank you!!!!

    • Purple Perl profile image

      Purple Perl 7 years ago from Bangalore,India

      Thanks Georzetta.

    • Georzetta profile image

      Georzetta Ratcliffe 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Good, straightforward articles lots of information.