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Yoga For Children-Exercise The Mind And Body !

Updated on June 24, 2011

Striking a yoga pose! Girl meditates / CC BY 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

What Is Yoga ?

Originating from India, Yoga is a form of meditation and exercise for the body. Relaxation and breathing techniques are interspersed with yogasanas or body positions that help one relax. In ancient times, only the ascetics or sanyasis performed yogasanas, whereas today, in India and in many countries of the world, yoga is seen as a form of exercise that relaxes both mind and body. Anyone can learn the art of yoga. All you need is a good yoga instructor.Or you could perform yoga watching a yoga DVD at home.

Where Can My Child Learn Yoga ?

Some schools and colleges, even B-schools in India have a compulsory yoga class. And many have seen great results both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities.

And there are several yoga schools for children, but make sure that they engage certified instructors,. This is particularly important as children should be handled with care and cannot be made to perform yogasanas meant for adults. The bodies are still in the developing phase and as such will not be equipped to perform some of them. A good instructor will stick to the basic yoga and make it fun, engaging and challenging which will benefit your child.

What Does A Child Need For Yoga Class ?

A yoga mat is the most essential requirement.

Benefits Seen In Children Who Practise Yoga

  1. Physical and mental health are greatly improved in children who take up yoga.
  2. The breathing techniques in Yoga can help release stress levels in children.
  3. Bodies are flexible with increased metabolic rate.They burn more calories striking yoga poses.
  4. Meditation heightens awareness and paves the way for a disciplined life as well as improves concentration.
  5. Increased motivation levels are seen in children that practise yoga regularly.
  6. Yoga is a way of life and when incorporated into one's daily regimen, makes the children immune to various illnesses. Relief from certain diseases is also seen. Children with any type of disease must consult their pediatrician before opting for yoga classes.
  7. Children also learn to choose right from wrong at an early age and are disciplined enough to refuse any kind of junk food.
  8. They learn to stay calm and stressfree which carries into adulthood making them cope better in handling life's problems.


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