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Stress During Pregnancy - How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant

Updated on June 16, 2011

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant. Pregnancy is a normal process or stage in women's life as pregnant women experience physical, emotional and mental changes throughout the stages of their pregnancy. At times, the changes take a toll on them and they are stress and experience anxiety. When these occurs, the baby in the womb is affected. According to Dr. Amos Grunebaum, a ob-gyn from the NY Presbyterian Hospital, stress can have serious effect on the baby in the womb. In a study aboutStress affecting pregnancy, it was found out that stress and anxiety may cause severe damage to the baby in the womb like :

  • premature birth
  • Low birth weight
  • and worst stillbirth.
  • high blood pressureor preeclampsia to women who are pregnant if they can't stop worrying.

That being said, there are necessary things to avoid when you experience stress and anxiety when you are pregnant. This is the focus of this hub. .

How to aboid Stress and Anxiety During Pregnancy

How to avoid stress during pregnancy

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant

Signs of stress and anxiety in pregnancy :

  • Irritability
  • always crying
  • feeling sad
  • feeling inadequate
  • smoking drinking and other risk behavior -- it is debatable whether this is the cause or the effect of stress and anxiety, whatever is the true nature - it is still not advisable to smoke drink and put yourself and the baby at risk through these activities.
  • Negative thoughts

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant 1-- exercise and take a walk when you are pregnant. Indulge yourself in extra curricular activities like walking about thirty minutes a day when you are pregnant. Dr Oz, suggested to walk at least thirty minutes a day, this serves as an exercise for you and the baby. Make do with other form of exercise for prenatal women. Inquire and attend a class about it. I have written a hub about Simple and Easy Exercises for Pregnant Women, check it out and choose an exercise which is appropriate for you.

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant 2 -- You can relieve stress and anxiety using meditation -- Yoga as a technique in relaxation during pregnancy, read my hub about this -- Yoga During Pregnancy, and there are techniques in meditation which ease your mind of worries and make you concentrate more on the positive side -- this is included in my hub about meditation to ease labor pains -- How to Use Meditation to Ease Labor Pains.

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant 3 - Eat healthy diet when you are pregnant -- it is very important to have a healthy diet when you are pregnant, for you and the your baby. Read this hub about healthy eating when you are pregnant Healthy Foods and Diets for Pregnant Women -- plus foods to avoid when you are pregnant. Foods Which Are Unsafe for Pregnant Women. it is necessary to have the nutrients needed when you are pregnant, to make sure that you are healthy, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water and take vitamins for prenatal.

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant 4 -- Get enough sleep, the amount of sleep you need is usually your usual amount of sleep but take into consideration that an abnormal sleeping pattern is not good for you.

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant 5 -- Be positive and avoid dwelling on the things that is not yet there or things to come, there is always solution to problems and sometimes problem are solved as you go along with your pregnancy. When one is pregnant, there are many things that you are thinking, like the future of your baby and worries like health of the baby or whether you can cope up with pregnancy, that's why the next step is important--

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant 6 -- Talk to loved one and your friends about what you re feeling, mother are always comforting and if this is not possible, then talk to your friends or your partner about what you are feeling, worries etc.

How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety When you Are Pregnant 7 -- If this bothers you, then talk to your health provider about it the stress and anxiety you are feeling. Your health provider ob-gyn should be a person whom you can trust and will develop rapport with them because there is nothing like the feeling that you are taken care of. The doctor will also know if this is due to hormonal changes and some other factors, and in that case they find the roots of the problem of your stress and anxiety.

Avoid in general smoking, drinking, drugs and other related risks when you are pregnant. Actually when you are planning to get pregnant, at that stage, you should also totally avoid it.

The help of the partner or the husband is also deemed important throughout the pregnancy and thereafter.

Conclusion :

There are hormonal changes occurring in the woman's body when one is pregnant and coupled with some personal problems and risk behaviors, a pregnant woman experience stress and anxiety. There are also easy to do things to avoid it like eating healthy foods, avoid risk behaviors and find counseling with health provider plus finding support and solace with your loved ones. Exercise and sleeping enough is also necessary to avoid stress and anxiety.


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