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The Bradley Method of Giving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You?

Updated on January 31, 2015

The Bradley Method of Giving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You?

The Bradley Method of Giving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You? I am getting well informed about all the birthing techniques because I am studying and writing about it. It simply amazed me to see that there are lots of natural alternatives to giving birth. I discussed some of the methods known for giving birth or birth options in my previous hubs and in this hub we will continue to discover some other options of giving birth the Bradley method of giving birth, and maybe you have heard about it already, actually, this is the method that I think put more emphasis on the assistance of the husband or the partner in the giving birth process specially at the act of giving birth.

This Bradley method of childbirth is one of the natural way of giving birth which teaches the pregnant women to give birth naturally and trust their bodies to use natural breathing technique, relaxation, nutrition, exercise and education. Plus when women are assisted by their husband or partner it is found out that they give birth more at ease and they have more confidence.

The Bradley Method of Giving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You? --- The Bradley Method of Giving Birth

Usually when a woman give birth, she feels at ease when she is being supported by a loved one, specifically a partner or a husband. It should be the case that a husband is a partner in the delivery process, even though there are lots of jokes about husband in delivery rooms. There Is something magical about holding hands with your partner while delivering your baby. It is an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The Bradley Method of giving birth emphasized the fact that a husband should be the partner and the coach while the woman is giving birth.

  1. The Bradley method was developed by Dr. Robert Bradley in the late 1940s
  2. This method helps women deliver naturally, with little or no drugs. The Bradley Method Courses covers : excellent nutrition and exercise; relaxation techniques to manage pain;
  3. It involves husband or partner as an effective coach
  4. They also offer and let you learn how to tune in to your body and positions which will ease labor pains
  5. Teach the women on how to prepare for the stages of labor
  6. Teach the women on how to avoid avoid cesarean sections
  7. Teach about breastfeeding and its benefits
  8. They will teach the women on how how to discuss your birthing plans with your doctor.

The Bradley Method of Giving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You? -- The Bradley Method and Childbirth Classes

The Bradley Method website is registered to the name and it specially specified that the classes consists of 12 weekly classes and it has small classes so it means you have the privilege of personal attention plus :

  • Every student has a Student Workbook

The classes include topics such as :

  • Nutrition
  • Exercises
  • Relaxation
  • Technique
  • BirthPlans and many more

Finding an Educator Near your Area

If you want to find an educator and to attend a class then you can fill this up and then you will get the result, it is specifically designed to assist and help women who want to avail of education classes ---The Bradley Method Online Request Form.

In short the course is :

  • According to the website the length of classes is twelve weeks (with 12 units of instructions) and the workbook is included in the interaction classes. The workbook it said is 130 pages with over 75 images and illustrations, plus a coach card is also included. it is further stated that the local Bradley┬« instructor is affiliated independently to Bradly.Finally it said that "some classes are video enriched and offer a Certificate of Congratulations".

The Bradley Method of Giving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You?

The Bradley Method of Giving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You?

If you want you can read my other hubs about birthing options -- ways of delivering babies :

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I hope this hub -- The Bradley Method of Giving Birth : Hubby, Where Are You? gives you an option in which you may use as an option to think about giving birth the natural way. After I am done with other hubs about giving birth or birthing options, I will try to make a comprehensive hub about all the options so that you have a fair number of birthing options to choose from.


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