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How to change a bad habit that helps you to be successful

Updated on November 26, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

How to change a bad habit

Everyone wants to drop that bad habit which pulls us back from reaching our full potential. Whether it is overeating, smoking, drinking, video game, computer game, browsing the Internet, thoughts about opposite sex, over watching TV, get depressed, whatever it is, we want to get off from it and move forward.

We have a desire to put that bad habit away and go forward. But often we found ourselves going back in the same habit. Doing the same thing which we hate to do. We want to overcome, but not able to do so. Have you ever thought why we are not able to escape from the hand of bad habits? The reason may vary from person to person.

However, there are seven steps by which you can escape from the hand of bad habits.

Seven steps to change a bad habit

1. Identify the bad habit.
2. Develop a deep desire to leave that bad habit.
3. Find Reason for leaving that bad habit.
4. Find benefit of leaving that bad habit.
5. Find the consequence of continuing that bad habit.
6. Leave that bad habit using your full might once and forever.
7. Fill the void with new empowering habits.

Difference between successful person and a success aspirant

First, you need to identify that bad habit which you really want to get off. It could be overeating. It could be eating chocolate, It could be laziness or not doing your work. You know it better. The first thing you need to do is to find out which bad habit you need to work on. If you are a student, postponing your studies could be your bad habit. Or spending too much time in front of the TV or Playing video games could be your bad habit.

Not doing what is to be done is another bad habit that many of us are facing in our daily life. You want to escape from that bad habit. The reason for being not successful is that we put off things for another day or week or month. Most of the successful people complete their daily chaos on a daily basis. That is why they are called successful. That is the secret of success.

To be successful means to get off your bad habits which are limiting you to reach your full capacity or potential. To get off your bad habit you need to identify the area where you want improvement. They are hidden and very difficult to find out. Sometimes you say "it's my way of doing the work". It's become a part of your life. Knowingly or unknowingly you follow it. A change from the way of life is difficult to attain. Because it's painful.

Trapped inside

A bird trapped inside a room
A bird trapped inside a room

Where you're stuck up now?

Have ever seen a fly trapped inside the room. It would be hitting the glass window to get out of the room. It hit the window again and again but without any success. It stays there, sometimes for hours, hitting the glass window. Why? It can see the greens and flowers. It has a desire to go out. But it doesn't know how to get out of the room. We know there is a big door out there, through which it can easily escape from the room. Sometimes we are just like that fly. Wanted to get out and be free. But not able to do so. We are trapped inside the mental room. Our habits are preventing us from getting out of the room. There are many open ways through which we can get out and be free. Wide open passage. But we don't have the patience or courage to take that route.

Often we found ourselves very comfortable with our own habits and thoughts and the way of life. That is the reason we are not looking for another option. Even if you find another option, there is no courage to take that step or go through it. We don't want to leave that glass window through which we can see the outer world. We fear the loss of that sight. We are satisfied with that sight. We feel comfortable in watching the outer world through the window. But the truth is that by leaving that glass window, you will be free forever and enjoying that free world. It is possible, only if you're willing to leave that sight for a few seconds, by taking another route, you'll be free forever.

We are stuck up in the window. Attracted by the sight and the light. Don't want to leave that light and view. We can see that greens and flowers. But we are separated by that glass window. Not able to feel it or enjoy the fragrance of that flowers. We are satisfied with the view. That is where we are stuck up. Don't you want to get out of that room? Don't you want to get out of the clutches of that habits which binding you? They are holding you. They don't want to let you move.

We need to carefully analyze our actions and habits. If you analyze carefully you'll find many areas of your life which need improvement or change. Without that changes, you're not able to perform to your full capacity or potential. Not reaching your full potential means you're success aspirant. Not a successful person. There is a huge difference between a successful person and a success aspirant. The change is a must to move from success aspirant to a successful person.

How can you escape from the clutches of bad habits

It could be spending less time with your newspaper and do something which will add value to your life. By reducing the newspaper reading time, you can study a new skill which will improve your efficiency or value in the market. Taking a course or completing your graduation will increase your value in the market. For that, you have to cut your TV time or Newspaper reading time etc. Leaving alcohol or smoking can earn you money. You can invest that money. To fill the void, you need to engage yourself in a more rewarding activity. Which can add value to your life.

It could be writing a blog, reading a self-help book or lending a helping hand to a charitable society in your area. Find out a ways to contribute to society. Find out a way to do something which is more rewarding or satisfying. It will give you satisfaction. Wiping out the tears of destitute are more satisfying than smoking or drinking alcohol. Find some time to spend with your old aged parents or with kids.

Once you identified the area or your weakness which needs the change, you can focus on it and take necessary measures to change that habit. There is nothing that we can't change. Everything is under your willpower. If you want to stop smoking. Stop it. If someone put a revolver in your shoulder and ask you to stop smoking, you'll follow the command. But their result will not last long. They are following the external pressure. If you really want to stop that bad habit, you will succeed and will last longer. If you want an everlasting result, replace your bad habit with a new empowering habit. Fill the void. So that it won't come back.

Overall improvement is a vague idea. Do not think that you will get an overall improvement by saying "I need overall improvement in my life". For getting an overall improvement of your life, you need to split the areas where improvement required.

Focus one area at a time. Once you improved that area, you can work on another area which needs improvement. When you work on procrastination, focus on procrastination. When you work on laziness, focus on that area. One by one you can improve different areas of your life and the net result will be the overall improvement of your life. At the end you will be a successful human being. Then success comes naturally to you. You don't have to run after success. That is the way to attract success. People who watch you would say, "Success comes naturally to __________(fill your name here)"


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