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How to stop any addiction?

Updated on August 22, 2011

To get free from any addiction first of all you must REALIZE that you are addicted. Otherwise you can not take the first step. One of my friend drink alcohol since 7 years but he strongly believe that he is not addict so there is no way out. Occasionally he takes a break for few days or a week and this gives him a consolation that he has good mind control. You have to realize cunning ways and excuses of the mind. Only then you will get totally and permanently free from addiction or you will return back again and again.

The second thing is you must want deliberately to get free from addiction. Your strong desire will make a way out. Many people find a substitute. They switch from one addiction to another. They believe the best way to stop one addiction is to start another. Addiction is a conditioning, the same thing repeated again and again for months and years. If you give a break you feel uncomfortable.

One should realize that the addiction is a serious problem and a negative influence not only in your life but the lives of your loved ones. Once you realize the problem you should quickly take the action. Don't wait until a kidney failure or a heart cancer. Some people find it easier to get free just by using their own will power. But some people may need spiritual help or join a rehabilitation center. If your body has become used to addiction then it takes some time. You can not get free overnight.

For some people to 'drop the habit instantly' works and some people need to go 'step by step'. But there is a danger in going step by step. And that danger is meantime you remain the same and you never get change. And this creates frustration. The step by step approach is wrong. Most of the time it does not works. It's like you are fooling yourself. The best way to beat any addiction is to find a hobby that you really love and that will distract you from your addiction daily. And just stop the habit instantly.

If you change your routine slightly then it can create a huge impact on your life. For example get involved in exercise, go to gym, join some sport, find something more interesting and healthy. If you break the chain of any addiction for 3 months the mind will not go back. Meditation is the best way to get over any addiction, because it cut the habit from the root.

Cause of any addiction is often meaningless and empty life. When you have a purpose for your life then there is no time for addiction. Then you realize the value of money and time. Then you know that health is wealth. One should be able to enjoy the present moment for no reason at all. People who live in the past, remember hurts and failures and breakups are more likely get addict. Find the purpose and meaning of your life and live moment to moment. And you will definitely find that life is more intoxicating than alcohol.


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    • profile image

      Addict boy 4 years ago

      Great post, I replaced 'alcohol' with a 'girl', because basically love and lust are all but chemical reactions in the brain providing stimula, no different than a drug. In a breakup you are doing a cold turkey with your addiction to the other person.

      "Many people find a substitute. They switch from one addiction to another. They believe the best way to stop one addiction is to start another."

      Re-bound relationship!

      "..all you must REALIZE that you are addicted"

      Realise that love works the same as addiction ;-) Really great post, loved it!

    • profile image

      HAZZA 5 years ago

      Thanks for the advice I keep trying to break my addiction but I keep failing I just know I'm going to fail again I suck at life!