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Esoteric Integration: How to Accept Things Exactly As They Turn Out

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: Not Having to Understand to Accept

 Lines of Memorized Regret
Lines of Memorized Regret | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: We Resist in Order To Exist

How do we best integrate the unseemingly non-negotiable composite uncompromising pieces of our fractured lives in such a way as to make a thriving pulsating vibrating unified healthy happy whole?

Moreover, whatever it is we feel guilty, resentful, remorseful, bitter, ashamed, angry, unforgiving, or embarrassed about, we need integrate those things first. We are to waste no time apologizing, defending, excusing or explaining our position.

Any such approached ego-induced action in that direction, nullifies the contributory notion of possible integration.

We are not ‘sorry’ for the things we’ve done; we are contemplatively investigative in search of the linking threads of opposing forces needed for proper ‘lessons to be learned’ assimilation. All things, people, places, acts of love and hate, and negative and positive thoughts play a huge role in the performed production of evolving righteousness.

We are receptive vessels of the divine flow. The unimaginable relationship links used as the conduits for our expressed creative dominion, submission and demise will be from a river that feeds all walks of life.

Every possible obvious and unobvious situation will not be left unspared/unserved ; befriended partners and harsh enemies, fatal attraction lovers and heart-throbbing soul mates, honest business associates and dirty rotten thieving guileful co-workers, sizzling addictive sexual mates and ‘can’t feel a thing’ for you buddies, cherished spouses and lying/cheating incapable of being true ‘not married anymore’ persons, devoted mentors and trusted people who turned out to be sadistic pedophiles, trust-worthy friends and irresponsible treacherous associates, and last but not least the members of our closely and ‘not so closely’ related families.

Resistance plays a defining role in this party of the concubine selves. We resist in order to exist. In existence, do we find our proper relation to the things that most easily beset and apparently defeat us.

So why do we fight (harbor resentment) by denying the conditions which strengthen us?

But without, resistance, we would not nor could not acquire (pull from) the source of inherent strength we all innately possess. To transcend, we must be knocked down; again, and again and again. {Whether that be through love or addiction) sometimes, it seems they’re one and the same thing!

Because we are created as divine vessels of reception, we must inhabit some sort of form. Sometimes, these forms restrict our grasping for certain avenues of creative expression. Rightly so! Form and restriction are in totality inextricably bound together. In order to develop as a ‘god in the making’ presence on earth, we need to limited and restricted.

Our concentration powers are often used up in the scattering of our undefined energies. In other words, we want too much, all the time, everywhere, everyday. It’s not that we can’t have and enjoy these desired things but without definition of attentiveness to what is genuinely important, at the time, vital life-supporting energy seeps through the day like a large mouthed short channeled sieve.

Because we are initially beings of undeniable comfort and ease, we are not looking for those types of creative expression. We are seeking personal productivity, transformation and transcendence. We are seeking the priceless wisdom of how to be in the ordinary moment with extraordinary force of will and be content.

To see a small glimmer of even the faintest hint of light, one must be in darkness. To be absolved of the perpetual gluttony we inhabit as pleasure seeking human beings, we inevitably must “walk through shadow of the valley of darkness (death).” We have to experience pain,sorrow, heartbreak, disappointment, abandonment, gloom, despair, neglect, abuse, etc.

Pain and disappointment in relationships indicates we are evolving.

The crowned jeweled of unerring surprise is the indisputable fact: whatever is facing us, we need it.

Those people, situations, and events which seemingly bring destruction to our lives also exalt us. Without them and the complicated scenarios played out by them, we would be incapable of making the elicited progress our human bodies yearn to make.

The irreplaceable celestial ecstasy we crave to attain is possible but not without walking this path of despondency and vexation. Distress is the ticket of the upcoming attraction. DI-STRESS: (di) two-way, (stress) anxiety, both inside and outside.

Think about it! The memories we, which are the most prevalent, are those which are associated with some type of loss, sorrow, pain and or injury. Even in childbirth, the pain is not easily forgotten though the birth itself is the most exhilarating event in life.

It would naturally appear that integration begins at the top (our brain), in our thoughts; by working with them to change their form/content we could reach enlightenment. But this is NOT the case at all. Integration begins and ends at the bottom; where we are standing.

No need for our thoughts to be purified; we were born with a slated mind of perfected guileless innocence. This state of untouchable sacred sensual sexual artistic innocence can not be harmed, mal-aligned or destroyed in any fashion.

Sublime Innocence chose to inhabit earth in a human body for the full compelling force positioned in overtly troubled sad/hard/difficult, dull, boring, disgusted, arid, terse, inconceivable, incomparable, unimaginable, blind/deaf/fat/mute/shy skinny/crippled/retarded/young/old/short/tall/scarred/limbless, incorrigible, unsurpassed 'scared shitless' experiences. In the midst of this vital regenerative human cow manure, we will rise out of it because of it. {Some more of that ‘ruthless soul’s intent going on.}

Along the path, (in the best of situations) we have accumulated dross on our feet since we falsely interpreted the tragically unpleasant events that transpired in our lives. Our heads are doing fine. It’s our feet that have been sorely disenfranchised.

Call it our limiting concentrating focusing powers of deliberate order. We are walking in the integrated path of our personal deliverance. I spoke about the “Where” we’re all trying to get to in another writing: it’s already “here” encased along side of the “W”. Maybe the “W’ stands for Welcome. Welcome, here.

So to integrate our ruffled lives, we must start at the place it all began: here. Wherever we are planted, in whatever manner, however fashion with whomever we are residing. It really doesn’t get any better than this. We’re having a ball!

That is unless we start to take it personally, identify and believe it means anything other than what it means to us. Think of it like this: it’s the best game going or we wouldn’t have signed up to come and play.

Oh! You don’t remember signing that cosmic contractually binding ‘give it all you got’ agreement?

Remember: It all makes sense when the day is fully lived.

Looking Inside the Pain, Past Resistance to See The Inexplicable Reason


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A very, very thought provoking hub. Thank you.