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Levaquin Causes Torn Tendons

Updated on May 10, 2012

For many months I have reported on my shoulder problems which was first diagnosed as adhesive capsulitis and then as tendonitis and finally as a torn tendon in my shoulder. Why I can’t get the surgery to repair it is a bit of a mystery to me. The doctors want to blame Obama and the Democrats want to blame the Republicans. This doesn’t help me as my shoulder still hurts terribly each day and night. It would seem no one cares. And it has hurt so bad for so long I am not myself. Finally a friend called me on it and told me I was being a bit of a bear. As previously reported I am German. We have to be dying to even go to the doctors. We fundamentally really believe the body can heal itself given rest and rehabilitation in most cases with the exception of torn tendons. That is a serious on which requires surgical repair. And for over five months now I have endured anguishing pain. No one will help…OBAMACARE they claim.

Where is the decency clause in medical providers any more? They live very well and do not get sued ever. It is a complete lie they have malpractice issues in the state of Florida. Most of the attorney’s are kept on the pay role of the insurance companies not to take malpractice claims. If you want to reform healthcare then cut the lawyers out of the loop and force doctors to practice medicine to a reasonable standard of care. I believe in a national registry for malpractice as well. In other words, I am tired of doctors convicted of malpractice in one state running to Florida to repeat the same mistakes here. If there was a national registry it would prevent that from happening.

But that isn’t what this article is about. This article is about the fact that the drug companies that have made Levaquin have failed to notify doctors that Levaquin can cause spontaneous ruptures of tendons. And before my tendon was torn in my shoulder I was administered Levaquin. Actually I was provided three courses of it as I was pretty sick but no one warned me while I was lying in bed recovering from a very serious illness I could have a tendon spontaneously rupture in my body. I might add it is really quite painful. So painful in fact it exceeded the pain from the illness I was enduring.

And for five very long and painful months I have endured until my friend finally told me I was not myself. And she was right. And so while I spent another sleepless night in dire pain pontificating what caused the tendon tear. I went through everything that had happened before the tear and then I concluded that it must have been torn by one or two of the medications I was administered. So in the morning I started Googling. And sure enough there are class action lawsuits all over America because patients aren’t being warned their tendons can spontaneously rupture when taking Levaquin. Doctors have not been informed about this side effect of the drug nor have surgeons. I find that to be a lame excuse as I am a researcher. I want doctors who can Google as well. It isn’t rocket science and yet here I still sit in anguish over this torn tendon which no one wants to take responsibility for. As a matter of fact they blame me. First they will not admit I need surgery but they want me to attend physical therapy which will only result in the tendon being completely torn and completely dislocating my shoulder. My shoulder is impinged at this time.

What does it take for the 1% to care about the 99%? Is it even possible? Or are they to far removed from being responsible business people and community leaders that they are inhumane to everyone. Why is it the 1% is a bunch of heartless soulless people who wouldn’t lift a finger to help anyone even when they are pandering bad products to harm people in society? I am not a senior citizen and my case is not rare. This is happening to people of all ages taking Levaquin and you have to wonder why the FDA hasn’t banned the drug. These people are being left cripple and in continuous pain. Where is Johnson and Johnson on being responsible to their clients. I remember this movie that the son of Sam Johnson made about his friends and how anti-social they were in the South Hamptons. Does he realize the drugs his family is giving out are leaving people crippled and in pain? How is that being humane? Isn’t he a hypocrite?

Where is Obama on making these drug companies which he made deals with behind closed doors for Obamacare as well as the insurance companies on holding them responsible for the harm they do to the people of this country? I would blame the Republicans but while Obama holds the executive office the buck stops with him.

I am disabled now because I can’t use my arm due to torn tendons. I was not advised and apparently the physicians have not been advised by the drug companies adequately enough to recognize Levaquin can cause spontaneous tendon ruptures. Again I Google so I can figure it out so this doesn’t excuse the doctors’ from looking into the legal ramifications of prescribing this drug.

But it is over five months of anguish and there is no personal responsibility taken by anyone and I am left in pain while the president shucks it up with the 1% at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and then only “supports” gay marriage. How about addressing the fact that harmful drugs are being sold to citizens for profit without warning the doctors or the citizens of the harmful side effects? I mean that marriage to the same sex person isn’t going to mean much if their Achilles tendons are snapped and they are permanently disabled because of harmful drugs prescribed to them for a profit by POTUS’s buddies.

We have huge issues in this country which need to be addressed on a substantive basis which amazing the law professor is not interested in substantive debates but only procedural outcomes. I feel like he is the deaf, blind and dumb president who keeps lining his pockets at the cost of the American people. How unpatriotic? My son loves Obama. How am I to tell my child that Obama not only doesn’t care for children with autism or other developmental disabilities at all but he is buddies with drug companies which have made his Mommy a crippled? That would be the end of my son’s innocence. But hey, Obama only care about Trayvon. My poor son who loves Obama and is white is suffering discrimination from a black president he adores.

And if you don’t believe me about Levaquin, Google it yourself and see.

Have you ever taken Levaquin?

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Where you informed if you take Levaquin your tendons could spontaneously rupture?

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Would you take a drug which could leave you crippled knowingly?

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Do you think Johnson & Johnson should be held financially responsible for the people they injured with their Levaquin?

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Do you think President Obama should order the FDA to pull Levaquin from the market?

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