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Fourteen Days+ of Anguish

Updated on October 5, 2017

Fourteen Days+ of Anguish

Today is the fourteenth day I am in anguish. I have tried everything to get out of pain or at least everything that would not compromise my son. Here I am fourteen days later suffering worse than when it had started. I spent the end of last week being yelled at by the health department nurses regarding how surgeons are not required to treat Medicaid patients, according to ObamaCare, in their communities, But the local hospital was built by my family as well as most of the town and they are publicly funded agencies so they do have to provide services to all the residents of this community. There is a very funded well Cayman Island account specifically set up to pay all of these medical costs as it is an endowment. I know this because it was part of the requirements grandparents demanded before making their contributions. And before my grandmother’s death I saw the paperwork. The refusal to treat critically ill patients is in violations of physicians’ license and the hospital charters. But it is Florida and no one really cares about following the rules…only breaking them for their own personal wealth. And so I sit in terrible pain as I write this to you thinking, it isn’t just DC that needs to change. All our leadership needs to be replaced.

In the past two weeks I have been in the emergency room for severe pain and severe hypertension. The first visit was diagnosed as a hypertension the second episode was attributed to the shoulder.

It took a week and I had to be a bit pushy but it was agreed upon that my shoulder is torn. I initially thought a tendon or a ligament was torn but later I was told the entire shoulder was torn. I need surgery exceptionally bad. I had been given NSAID(s) and steroid before the diagnosis. The doctor gave me something stronger for pain but informed me there would be no real pain relief until the surgery as performed. So I thought great!!! They will finally give me something strong enough to stop the horrible stabbing pain. No such luck. The pain medication didn’t work at all. I would have believed it was fake but the doctor did warn me I was hurt so badly that even pain medication wouldn’t take the edge off. So then I attempted to console myself by reassuring myself that I would have a surgical appointment within 48 hours. No such luck either. It has been a week now and I am no closer to getting a surgical appointment then two weeks ago when this all began.

I can no longer sit at my desk which was glorified lawn furniture. This table was where I composed all my articles which I share with you. And now I am even sharing my pain with you. I have no idea how the injury occurred but that even in the best case scenario I will be looking at 3-4 months of intensive rehabilitation

I still have my child support case to litigate. I was denied discovery and therefore was not able to provide adequate discovery to argue and now the judge is denying me the ability to argue discovery. My son also has two doctors' appointments’ out of town while all of my appointments occur in town. My only other option was to go to south Florida for my shoulder and north Florida for my son. Neither hospital could accommodate and see my son and myself at the same hospital. Actually I had to sign a waiver stating no matter what happened I would not sue for malpractice which is amazing given I haven’t been able to see a doctor within a reasonable amount of time. I may end up crippled just because surgeons are refusing to take Medicaid. How I am supposed to feel about that when I am in so much pain? Should I think? That doctor needs another Mercedes Benz because he made me wait weeks for a surgery when he knew I was in dire pain for which he demanded I sign a malpractice waiver before even agreeing to see me? I am not even able to drive myself to the law library. There are no pro bono attorneys in this area.

Perhaps what I find to be the most amazing is that I am in dire pain and sheer anguish and the local medical community is okay with it. What kind of sickness in this country that humanity is gone in sick pursuit of capitalistic pursuits? Americans use to look out for each other and were human to each other and now it is all about greed and it starts in surgeons and filters down to the medical community, legal community and is ever cliché in America. Greed is not good. Perfection is good and excellence is good. Monetary rewards for exceptional work is grand but monetary rewards in place of exceptional work is grounding this countries talent pool. Twenty years ago I would have never believe physicians were by given social status because of unions instead of talent. It is contrary to everything we believe in academia. And that is the problem with modern medicine.

How Has DC Changed? Are His Promises Kept to You?

Changes to Modern Medicine to Make it More efficient:

1) Doctors no longer have a social status because of their profession until they prove proficiency in their profession and work towards humanitarian pursuits and not monetary pursuits.

2) Every profession is required to serve a third of their career providing low cost or free services since most advanced degrees are subsidizes by taxpayer monies.

3) Everyone is treated and not just those who can afford insurance. Oddly enough when I had insurance the doctors kept trying to sell me more expensive insurance as they complained Blue Cross Blue Shield paid less than Medicaid and now that I have Medicaid I find out the doctors don’t even take Medicaid which paid more. Doctors need to start practice medicine and stop practicing law. Quite frankly, the end up as failures at both professions.

4) I think it should be illegal to require an injured person in severe paon tosign a release from a lawsuit for which they haven’t even been given the MRI results or have a surgeon.

5) I believe any surgeon who wishes to operate at a public hospital must;

a) take call and show up for all patients and

b) operate within 48 ours if the patient is in severe pain regardless of the ability to pay the hospital, insurance, doctor or any other billing agency especially when there is a Cayman Island Bank Account in that person’s name that has been fund 40k per year since for the better part of half a decade. If said funds aren’t available I believe the Department of Justice should investigate were all those fund have gone whether they have been shifted back and forth between the public hospital and private foundation in a general fund.

6) I would also suggest creating an international data base of all doctors who lose their medical liscence in one country, state or municipality loss their medical license until the complete remedial action so they never commit the same form of malpractice ever again. And a good doctor should take issue as every doctor would wish to improve their service delivery model. Expecting surgeons to improve over time and become better surgeons should be the standard of care and not an extraordinary measure; as it is today. Medicine is moving so fast your typical surgeon, the one who will not operate on me, is antiquated within one year of graduating from medical school. Which means the bureacratic agency which lisence them when they are about a decade behind at best.

Oddly enough, Obamacare does not apply to me as a single mother of a disabled child nor does he address any of these issues in the broken medical system.

Victory Lap Two Years Before the Roll Out of the Affordable Healthcare Act

The Pit Bull Wasserman Schultz

I saw Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Meet the Press and I thought there could not be a more tragedic creature in front of a television camera? She knows Florida’s pain?

She knows what it is like to sit for weeks on end with a torn shoulder and hear nurses from the health department and the State of Florida Department of Health tell her she isn’t entitled to healthcare because she has Medicaid? Really? And that Doctor’s don’t have to operate on her when she is suffering horrifically because they don’t take the Hippocratic oath any longer but the Mein Kampf and Schultz is good with that as long as the AMA slips her campaign cash under the table? The entire Democratic party is good with it as long as they get bribed to look the other way and they can line their campaign chests.

I would say this is limited to the Democratic Party but it looks like Rick Scott is doing the exact same thing and Jean Kline as the under secretary of The Department of Health and Human Services in the State of Florida. No doctor is permitted to have hospital privileges at hospitals when they discriminate against a patient's ability to pay. That is the law and yet it is not being enforced by Jean Kline through out the state and she is personally allowing families on Medicaid to suffer in pain, force them to sign releases from malpractice under duress and do not hold the surgeons personally responsible for discriminating against patients based on their ability to pay and therefore revoking the surgeon's medical license.

I have been in severe pain for two weeks now. I believe I was given only 20 pills in total which were narcotic for the first week and half and the rest were steroids and non steroids. My stomach hurts so badly I can't even eat and I am vomiting blood. You see everyone that receives public health is considered a junkie? And who cares if they have a bleeding ulcer, it isn't like they can get he surgery to fix it since no doctor takes Medicaid. Does the state of Florida ever consider that perhaps the doctors are addicted to money and they need to have a very long bout of poverty so they get their humanity back? Because if they aren't human and can't remember their Hippocratic Oath then perhaps it is time they become janitors. Because there are about a thousand medical students coming right behind these surgeons who are willing to work harder and more efficiently and surgeons are quite replaceable since they require so much money to work.

I no longer believe I will get the desperately needed surgery. I have lost faith in the medical profession entirely. They only feel pain when it is their own and the rest of us are damned. I am not angry but I am in severe pain and have been for over 2 weeks and the reason I was not provided my emergency surgery is that I the three surgeons who provide emergency surgeries to the indigent are too busy to help me and the only reason I am indigent is the state of Florida doesn't believe my son's Father should have to pay his child support and will not allow me to file documents on behalf of my son.

I don't think it is ObamaCare screwing up the nation I think it is Congress and the Mien Kampf interpretation of ObamaCare which is being applied my Jean Kline in the State of Florida to all the poor people. Jean Kline has been exploiting and abusing the impoverished in the state of Florida for the better part of her career in the name of her own personal ambition. The poor immigrants, migrants and poor people Kline has been abusing for so long. You would think the undersecretary of health would make certain the health department for which she started her career would have surgeons, doctors and et al as the gold standard of health care in the state of Florida. And yet, here I sit 2 weeks later in severe pain with no surgery scheduled, no nurse to care for my child while I have the surgery because it will be a long term rehabilitation. And Jean Kline enjoys her lucrative position while leaving the local health department without the proper resources it needs.

She is a total and complete failure and should be fired from public health permanently. Wasserman Schultz and she could have their

Breaking The Wasserman Schultz Code About the Affordable Healthcare Act

I did not understand this clip until I broke out my uncleold morse code book. Wasserman Schultz is blinking in morse code, "My name has been placed on the Obamascare death panels list. My only hope for salvation is government is so incompetent that I can't get my car a ticket for parking validation. RUN!"

Decipher the Wasserman Schultz Code Yourself


It has been over two years since I wrote this article. Jean Kline has retired on a big fat government retirement from public health. Now Dr. Amrstrong is in charge of Florida public health care.

I never got the surgery. However it took abouit year but the shoulder healed. The first six months were very hard.

As for Obamacare or the Affordable Healthcare Act. It has had a disasterous roll out and it does not apply to single Mother's of medical fragile children with Autism. We are so disenfranchised that we do not make enouh money to qualify for the program. My friend has health insurance liscenses in every single state of our country and we have been looking into it for my son.

As hard as I was on doctors in Florida I have a great deal of praise for pediatricians at Shands Hospital. As a Mother the most important thing to me is the care of my child. Atleast my son is getting good healthcare. So I think peditricians at the University of Florida are amongst the finest in the nation. Their expertise matches their ideations. This includes the dental clinic as well.

$$$ Talks

I have recently been ill. After 9 trips to the ER and not getting better. I fought to get a doctor's appointment and it takes a fight to see a doctor. It was after the Hurricane Irma. We were not declared a disaster are until almost three days after Hurricane Irma when clearly we were. ER goes into lock down when there is a hurricane. Electric is shut off because of downed lines and trust me we had lots and lots of downed lines.

The nineth time after I saw the doctor she sent me back to the ER. The ER refused to treat me stating it was not an emergency and the General Practitioner should treat. This is a fight between the ER and the federal public health clinic and not me.

I finally went to an urgent care and paid $375 that I am applying to get back. It took one trip and the doctor diagnosed me correctly, gave me the correct medicine and I am recovering.

This has been a lesson to my health insurance company who has been charged thousands of dollars by the local ER who would not even allow me to see a doctor after the first 5 visits. There was no dispute I was sick. I had a severe case of the Shingles. No one can fake those. But after ten visits to the ER and one to the doctor who sent me back to the ER my insurance company is realizing how much money they are losing with the providers they have. The ER is not treating their patients effectively so they have to come back thus charging the insurance company more money. This is a form of medical fraud.

The insurance company sees the light of finding good providers so their patients get well. This is in their financial best interest and in their patient's best interest.

I am on the mend but the Shingles blisters became infected and that is why I required additional treatment. It was not rocket science and a thorough examination by a licensed physician following his/her training would have elicited a better result and treatment instead of this personal bickering about who should be doing what at the insurance companies cost. I never sign the forms at the hospital pertaining to payment so they are SOL for coming after me for money.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      4 years ago from Florida

      So sorry for your troubles Just_Rodney. This article was written quite a long time ago. Healthcare has become considerably worse in the USA. I appreciate you taking good care of your Mother. Thanks for empathizing. JT

    • Just_Rodney profile image

      Rodney Fagan 

      4 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      This reads like horror story from hell! We in SouthAfrica have heck of a lot of Health problems, if you do not have Medical, and have to depend on State Medical Assistance.

      Dreading the day, not that far away, when we have to go to State Hospitals. I am an Epileptic, adult version. My wife has quite few medical problems. So the visits have to be monthly:-),

      Never seeing the same Dr. He only knows you as a file number, rely on the notes of the umpteen other Drs. Send you for tests, long waits. Your on the average there for a day. Tests here reviews there, blood tests etc., in some cases - come back tomorrow.

      I know as I had to take my mother there once a month, write off a say, sometimes two!

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Graceomalley,

      Thanks for your lovely words. In the 1950' - 1920's women were punt on valiums regularly because of boredom or stress.) I believe most of those women have to have gotten of valium. They didn't become addicts but I guess addiction is so prevalent throughout our society that is the fist thing doctors must check for,

      I thought I was lucky enough to get a surgeon. One decent human being, It turns out such I missed my appointment because I was in the wrong. We will have to see,

    • graceomalley profile image


      6 years ago

      JT - I'm so sorry to read this. I live with severe chronic pain, and i know first hand that pain is undertreated. It is an epidemic these days, and the medical profession is very afraid of people in pain becoming junkies - less about their suffering.

      I myself think being a doctor ought to be a calling like the priesthood - a profession which takes years of advanced study, and impacts the mental, physical, spiritual & social health of society. unfortunately, with the big financial rewards offered, of course the greedy flock to medical school. And so our troubles.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hold on to your hat Credence 2,

      Just when I start to sound like a Democrat you start to sould like a Republican. But sadly it is not so simple. Most of the time the studies are fixed and the real rsults never really reported. We are more like China then we will ever know.

      Even in medicine it is thee best educated guess each and every time Imagine truly understand hat medicine is a cult as well and nort based on our best Scince and requiring a surgery, And that is were I am at right now.

      Have a great weekend and take care my friend.


    • Credence2 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      JT, I am sorry to hear of your medical problem and hope that you can get back in the mend as soon as possible.

      The point you made is that Obama care is not culprit. It is a greedy culture that surrounds the medical and pharmaceutical professions and industries that have to be resisted so that we don't have a society where only the wealthy stay healthy but the poor continue to get sick and die. That is what insurance is all about and is is not the new republicans, (not the old guard that you affiliate with) that fight this basic human concept tooth and nail?


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