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What does your internet presence look like?

By internet presence I mean where you are published online and 'making your presence known.' For example, on Facebook, a blog, web site, and of course Hubpages. I already wrote in another question detail (Will Bing overtake Google?) how through synchronicity 'Emanate Presence' came up in a Bing search result - shown in the photo below. I was amazed and pleased to see it brought up - at the top - links to my Hubpages profile page, a Question I asked on Hubpages, and the Emanate Presence Weebly web site. In another result, it brought up several of my individual Hubs. What do you find with yours?


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manatita44 says

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4 years ago
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    Gary R. Smith (Emanate Presence) 4 years ago

    Not trying to sell you on anything, but if you feel drawn to it, I suggest looking further into Weebly when you are ready. You can add a blog plus polls, surveys, forums, videos, slide shows & as you saw on the demo, a whole lot more. Best to you

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