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What's the craziest diet you've ever done?

  1. MomsTreasureChest profile image88
    MomsTreasureChestposted 5 years ago

    Did you lose any weight?  How long did you stick with it?

  2. ocbill profile image61
    ocbillposted 5 years ago

    detox diet.. just fruits and vegetables, some protein in chicken (only at dinner) watch the flab shrink on your sides. I did it for 5 days, and this time 2 days. No bread & no dairy

  3. wilderness profile image96
    wildernessposted 5 years ago

    I don't do crazy, fad diets.  They are almost all quite unhealthy for you and provide no lasting value.

    IMHO the only way to effectively lose weight is to permanently change your eating and exercise habits.

  4. MomsTreasureChest profile image88
    MomsTreasureChestposted 5 years ago

    I once tried the Cabbage Soup Diet, it lasts about 7 days and says you can lose 10 pounds,  which seemed extreme.  But it turns out the cabbage soup diet is really just a quick fix for temporary weight loss. I lost a couple pounds, but didn’t adhere to it as strictly, I ate additional foods to add a little more nutrition to my diet than the cabbage soup diet offered.

  5. ftclick profile image55
    ftclickposted 5 years ago

    Maybe some of these "diets" should be a permanent change due to a health condition OR due to it not being good in the first place.

    Everyone can probably agree the American diet is probably the worst in the world. It consists of sugary foods, white flour, high fats, and an inactive lifestyle. Just because the food is cheap does not mean you have to buy it.

  6. tabrezrocks profile image49
    tabrezrocksposted 5 years ago

    I once tried Bitter Melon soup