Tips for beginners to bodybuilding

  1. sammie_agent22 profile image50
    sammie_agent22posted 10 years ago

    1.Do a 10 -15 minutes warm up before workout.

    2.Limit your workout to 4 days a week.The pattern being 2 days on and 2 days off followed by 2days on and 3 days off.

    3.Stretch after every set .

    4.When selecting a gym be sure that it is spacious and has good air regulation facilities.

    5.Take a snack loaded with carbohydrates and moderate doses of proteins at least 1 hr before the session.

    6.After the workout take your supplements with a carb:protein ratio of 6:1.

    7.For optimum results one should have a daily protein intake of 1 gm per pound of bodyweight.

    8.For better benefits take glucose water during the duration of exercise.

    9.Preferably use cotton fabrics during the workout and use a deo to make sure u get rid of body odor for others convenience.

    10Start with weights you are able to handle alone,else you can be injured and remember exercising isn't just about pumping heavy irons.

    11.Do 4 sets for each bodypart and the first one being the warmup set.With set try to increase the weights,this way you can increase you stamina as well as your muscle growth response.

    12. Combine 2 bodyparts a day in your routine, and do the bigger part first since you need fresh energy for it to make it work harder.

    13.Sleep for atleast 8 hrs and give each bodypart a rest of 48 hrs before hitting it again.So plan your workout routine carefully.

    14.Try to avoid the conventional 3 part meal a day and take 6-7 part meal daily,this accounts for efficient digestion.

    Lastly be patient and wait till you get the results,which you will certainly and sooner than you expect.

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    Double Rposted 10 years ago

    I agree with alot of what you have said. But I am sure you know that no two bodies are the same.

  3. Coachfitbabe profile image48
    Coachfitbabeposted 9 years ago

    I live your work out schedule.  It is similar to power 90X.