Could preoccupation with death/ suicide be an outgrowth of depression; or could

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  1. aoiffe379 profile image60
    aoiffe379posted 13 years ago

    Could preoccupation with death/ suicide be an outgrowth of depression; or could it be prenatal?

    In the news there are been many homicide/suicide incidents.Some people indicate that the moon plays a role[lunatic].However, one individual began early. His mother went into labour on Monday; and his mother returned home on Friday still pregnant.A Christian midwife prayed,removed a ball of grass; and then he was born.At 3, he stuck a hairpin in an electrical outlet.Other events labeled him 'accident prone'. He was taking antidepressants from age 20.Now, he says he is tired of life.There are issues in his life for which he has no answers.Sometimes he wishes he was never born.What do you think?

  2. Lisa HW profile image63
    Lisa HWposted 13 years ago

    Doctors now understand that a preoccupation with death and/or thoughts of suicide are symptoms of clinical depression.  That doesn't mean that all people who have depression will have these symptoms.  Not all depression is equally severe.

    Bad events don't "label" someone "accident prone".  People are the ones who label themselves or others "accident prone".  A three-year-old who is has the normal curiosity of a preschooler and puts a hairpin into an outlet has not had an accident.  He is living in a house that is not "child-proofed" and where he has access to things like hairpins.   This incident is not an accident.

    Some people do have a lot of accidents, but that's usually because they move too quickly for their own level of physical grace; or because they take careless chances.

    I think the individual who felt the need for anti-depressants at 20 was a generally unhappy individual (either for reasons associated with his life and life circumstances, or because he had a chemical imbalance that made him unhappy).  If later he continues to feel as if he wishes he were never born, I think he still needs some kind of professional help (either with counseling or medication) and/or he needs some change in his life that will make him feel happier.

    People with chronically difficult/stressful lives can eventually develop depression, but that's not the only reason people become depressed.  Some people have chemical imbalances.  Some have emotional issues that contribute to their feeling unhappy over long periods of time.

  3. Twinklers profile image61
    Twinklersposted 12 years ago

    I think depression is a term used to describe a myriad of symptoms. Depression can be temporary, terminal, circumstantial, chemically induced or chronic and caused by brain disorders.
    This is what makes it so illusive.
    I believe most people have had or will experience suicidal ideation. Most will recognise the danger and take steps to prevent ideation from becoming a true death wish.
    Those who allow themselves to fixate on death and remove the natural instinct for survival will at some time attempt to take their lives.
    All children experience their world by exploration. Sometimes they get hurt but the laws of nature dictate that we learn not to do things that cause us pain. That is natural.
    When we do things over and over even though these things cause us pain, something is wrong.
    Mental disorders merit the same urgency that physical disorders do. The problem must be diagnosed and hopefully, treated. Some problems have no effective solution, but many more do.
    We must remember that our love for another person cannot take the place of an anti-biotic when they have a virus, and our love cannot take the place of anti-depressants when they are in need of emotional relief, regardless of how the condition came into existance.

  4. Rhonda Waits profile image77
    Rhonda Waitsposted 11 years ago

    He is probably in a clinical depression or he may be just lonely. May be a call from a friend or a visit could help. I wish him well.

  5. docashp profile image75
    docashpposted 5 years ago

    The inability to find pleasure in activities which you found once pleasurable may be a sign of depression.The association with the phases of the moon and mood swings has got no scientific basis.


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