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I want to loose weight ,,,,,,,,but not successfull.........help me please

  1. suny587 profile image51
    suny587posted 8 years ago

    I want to loose weight ,,,,,,,,but not successfull.........help me please

    I have 5ft 7inches of height and my weight is 73kgs.........My problem is ,I have done everthing a human can do to loose weight but it loose for some time and then again increases....e.g i have done diting,,,,,excercising in gym.....but result is temprorary........even afer drinking water my balley changes like someone pumps air in ballon.......please advice how can i loose weight permentally........i am feed up of this weight.....

  2. natureheals profile image81
    naturehealsposted 8 years ago

    Don't lose faith...there must be a way for you to lose weight permanently.

    In my opinion, from what I've learned and tried by myself, losing weight is a complex matter that is up to many factors.  There is no 'one size fits all' diet plan because each of us is unique. Here are some factors that could effect your weight.

    - Life style ( active / non active ) This will affect your metaboilsm rate, too.  But I can see that you are quite active because you excercise.

    - Eating habit and addictions. Do you drink alcohol and coffee? Do you smoke? Try to cut those things out. If that is not the case, let's see the next one.

    - Your genes and your health condition. Some time you might be allergic to some food that you don't know. This is can relate to your weight gain as well. Some diseases may effect your effort in losing weight.  This one you have to explore by yourself or consult with a dietitian.

    - The accumulated toxin in the body or parasites. If you are not sure about it. Detox your body will clean your systems and you will feel much more lighter plus, you will lose weight. Anyway, consult a doctor if you have any illness and can't detox.

    -Some medications like birth control pills. Sometimes being a woman just make us more prone to getting fat than men.  You may need to increase your metabolism rate and try to limit your medication as you can.

    Here is a hub about increasing metobolism. I think he's done a great job.

    And don't stop drinking water. It's good for you. Don't drink too much in a short time. Try to drink through out the day. Don't worry about your belly, it will be flatten over time as you gradually build muscle on that area. Water will bother your belly no more. tongue

    I hope this will help you in some way. You will surely know yourself better than anyone. Don't focus on losing weight alone. Try to adjust everything in your life as a foundation to a healthy life which will make you have a perfect body and glow in the long term.

  3. kylewood profile image58
    kylewoodposted 8 years ago


    In this day and age a lot of us eat pretty poor diets and spend most of our days working at a desk.

    If you diet and exercise hard, but then go back to what you used to do, you will put back on that weight straight away. Think of Oprah in this instance.

    The thing you have to understand is that our bodies want to be fat. Humans used to spend all day hunting and eating only small fruits and root plants. At night a large meal would be eaten in which our body tried to store as much fat as possible to fuel us for the next day of hunting.

    The way to counter our bodies compulsive fat storage is to eat a good diet consistantly all year round as well as follow a regular exercise regime.

    If you really feel you have tried everything AND STUCK TO IT then I would recommend consulting a physician to check if it's something more serious.

    Check out my diet tips for more ideas.

    P.S. About the water, when you put food or liquid in your stomach it will expand to compensate for containing more content. This is completely natural. Also keep in mind that sodium (salt) absorbs water and can cause bloating, so watch how much salt you add to your meals.

  4. aj's profile image77
    aj'sposted 8 years ago

    Don't you give up. Combine your workout and dieting together for a considerable period. But you should stick with it for a really long time.
    some tips.
    Do a bit more cardio exercises(at least two days)
    Get used to light weight workouts with more repetitions
    Eat GOOD QUALITY PROTEIN, and lots of green leafy vegetables. This will increase your metabolism. I would like to tell from my experience that "short frequent diet" works best, which will constantly ignite your metabolic rate. But do take care not to ear oily and fat foods.
    Take care...

  5. anisetta profile image52
    anisettaposted 8 years ago

    A combination of the following helped me maintain a healthy weight:

    -healthy diet (lots of fruits and vegetables, and everything else in moderation, but no sweets ever)
    -aerobics excercises three times a week
    -weight lifting three times a week
    -yoga, at first twice a week, then I increased it gradually to five or six times a week
    -outdoor activities at least once a week (walking, hiking, tennis)
    -swimming once in a while (I am not a good swhimmer) but use the exercise
    -use the stairs istead of elevators
    -park as far as possible
    -walk instead of driving when is safe to do so
    -clean the house (streches in between vacuuming and doing dishes help a lot)
    -make sure I have a good posture when working at my desk (good posture requires me to engage my abdominals and leg muscles)
    -good form when I type forces me to engage arms muscles

    Is this a lot to do? It seems like it, but I found out that it can be done, and it helps me sleep better too!

    Oh! I drink lots, lots of water and zero soda or any sweet drinks....

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    chucklinartposted 8 years ago

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    fred henselposted 8 years ago

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