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What's the strangest dream you've ever had?

  1. Margaret Morris profile image61
    Margaret Morrisposted 8 years ago

    What's the strangest dream you've ever had?

  2. CiscoPixie profile image77
    CiscoPixieposted 8 years ago

    I have dreamed in mind maps. I see the center point and each dream that links to it. I remembered every dream every time. I don't dream like that anymore but it was pretty strange when i did.

  3. C V Singh profile image73
    C V Singhposted 8 years ago

    In my dream I found my village electrified and illuminated though there was no electric pole in my village or electricity at that moment. This dream turned out a reality within 4-5 years after I had the dream.

  4. Sara Tonyn profile image57
    Sara Tonynposted 8 years ago

    Oh, I had one I'll never forget!

    My dream was nothing but a set of numbers. Over and over and over again, I "saw" and "heard" the same numbers being repeated. And while I was seeing and hearing the numbers, I somehow knew -- I mean KNEW -- for certain exactly what they meant. It was 100% crystal clear to me that the numbers represented the day I would die: 12/16/24!

    When I woke up from that dream, I was really shook up. I kept telling myself it was only a dream, the numbers were probably something I read or saw somewhere previously, etc. But I couldn't convince myself of any of that. The meaning was just too clear in my dream; I'll never be able to forget it. (FYI, it's been almost 15 years since I had the dream.)

    So I can tell everyone not to worry about the Mayan calendar ending on December 21st, 2012. That will NOT be the end of the world -- at least not for everyone -- because I'm not leaving until December 16, 2024!

    The worst part is, if I'm correct I won't be around to say I told you so!

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