cauld i be pregnant

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    louisa1975posted 8 years ago

    cauld i be pregnant

    my last child was born in 2000 and i have not concived since i have just resentley moved and fill so much better in my self my boobs normley hurt just befor i come on but for the last week n half my boob are killing me i did have a period 2 weeks ago but only stayed on for 2 days dose this mean i am and is it to early for me to take a test plz help lol and thank you

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    Harmax123posted 8 years ago

    it is not too early to take a pregnancy test, do it as soon as possible, it is important to get prenatal care as early as possible

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    blonde kandiposted 8 years ago

    it is possible that the bleeding was just spotting. was it normal flow or light?? these are the questions you should answer! it does sound like maybe you are. i say wait a bit and take a test in a few days. you could just be stressed and that could make your flow irregular. after you take your test go to the doctor no matter what the results say and ask if possible, if you could have them do a test and then if still no ask just to be sure, if you could get the blood test done. hope this helps some!