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What is life?

  1. trafford profile image36
    traffordposted 7 years ago

    What is life?

    What is life? are we planning to run life with our style OR life is running us on its own action?

  2. Thunder Vixen profile image59
    Thunder Vixenposted 7 years ago

    Life is whatever you make it out to be. I could be anywhere from kind and fulfilling to horrible and tragic but it's up to a person to decide where their life takes them all it takes is dedication and motivation to get where you need t be and always try putting in extra effort to show you really want it.

  3. Pauladance.co.uk profile image61
    Pauladance.co.ukposted 7 years ago

    Let us assume there is a Supreme Power quite outside our understanding - but since we did not make ourselves there must be something else.  Even a living cell created in a testtube did not create the energy which supplies life, only the physical matter - which provided a suitable environment to receive it.
    In answer to your question, I would say that Life Lives Us,
    A person who commits suicide will find themselves not 'dead' but in another dimension - because no-one can 'kill' life.  I expect that Life can 'withdraw' itself - if it wants to!  But we cannot do anything about it.  We do not 'live life'.  'LIFE LIVES US'.  The energy of Life comes from outside outselves, and we are quite unable to control it.  All we can hope to control is our behaviour, how we use the gift of 'Life'. Probably this Supreme Power is hoping that we will use it to improve ourselves (our Spirits? Souls?)

  4. ryancarter profile image60
    ryancarterposted 7 years ago

    Movement, procreation, metabolism, hmmm... anything else?

  5. Ruchira profile image77
    Ruchiraposted 7 years ago

    A very good question...

    For some life is run on their terms. They are lucky that what they think of, they achieve.
    For others, life makes them run around. Man keeps planning out things but life has something else to offer.
    All the above can be related to Karma or Destiny.