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I am having severe problems with my bi polar disorder and post traumatic stress

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    mycatpixieposted 7 years ago

    I am having severe problems with my bi polar disorder and post traumatic stress any suggestions...

    sometimes I feel like I just can't take anymore

  2. Angel Scent profile image61
    Angel Scentposted 7 years ago

    Diet affects everything. Stay off of sugar, junk food etc and eat mostly fruits and vegetables for a week and drink water. See how you feel then.

  3. Goodpal profile image90
    Goodpalposted 7 years ago

    Emotional swings are always big problem, particularly because no one understands you. Consistent depression is probably somewhat easy to handle but not the cycles of elation and gloom.

    You need to bring balance inside you. In my opinion you may try few things almost simultaneously:

    1. Eat regular meals and strictly avoid fast food, caffeine, and alcohol.
    2. Sleep sufficiently. If there is problem sleeping play some brainwave entrainment audio and sleep (if need guidance, read my hub on brainwave entrainment)
    3. Read my two hubs on mental chatter. You will learn to handle your negative mental chatter.
    4. Train yourself to think that feelings are not permanent. When feeling low consciously think that it will not last forever and pump up yourself with some deep breathing.
    5. Finally, think about the big picture meaning of life. Bad and painful things happen to GOOD people.

    Emotional balance and strength are the keywords for you.

  4. zob2zob profile image60
    zob2zobposted 7 years ago

    Have friends with bi polar, & I have PTSD.

    I have to say for them they have gone down the specalist route, and it does work. Initially alittle experimentation with the dosage but usually after a few months they are back on track and life is once again back to where it was.
    Having PTSD is horribly unpredicatble so combine that with bi polar it must be horrible for you.

    Knowledge from friends tell me to advise you to seek medical help, and professional support, & although I expect its the last thing you wish to hear, but if one thing alone I have realised is that you cannot deal with this one your own, & it can only get better, & one day you will look at this & think how far you have come!!!!
    I have a hub on my experience on getting, PTSD, I found that it did release some of the feelings, maybe you could try that, as a little step tp feeling better!!

  5. LindaQ79 profile image61
    LindaQ79posted 6 years ago

    Eating the right foods often helps. Eat more veggies and natural, oraganic foods. Getting enough sleep is very important. Meditating helps to clear your mind during the manic times. It takes practice but is very beneficial. Try going for a run or doing some kind of excercise. It is said to help more than anti-depressants. To something active that you enjoy. Pray. That always helps me.

  6. Colten Garrett profile image60
    Colten Garrettposted 6 years ago

    One of the things you could do is meditation, yes I no it sounds weird but, look at what I have lol, I'm in Ninjutsu, and meditations can help. I no it sounds weird or just stupid, you can google it. Try this out if you want, but if you do let me now how it works out.