Would you mind sharing your theory on depression?

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  1. ACSutliff profile image74
    ACSutliffposted 13 years ago

    Would you mind sharing your theory on depression?

    What is your theory on depression and why it is so common today?

  2. wolfpack5 profile image60
    wolfpack5posted 13 years ago

    Well, I have depression so I know what it is and what it can do. Unfortunately everyone gets some form of depression one time or another in their life. But if you would like more information on it try looking on the Mental Heath Forum.

  3. womenintouch profile image61
    womenintouchposted 13 years ago

    My theory on depression is sheer boredom, i believe that when you sit around with  nothing to you think too much and then depression sets in. My mother-in -law deals with depression and often has to be hospitalized but i find that if she gets out and is active she is not depressed at all. Think of it this way as a senior ( not that you are) they were use to doing things and going places when they were young and now they can't get around and their family thinks they are happy sitting at home all day doing nothing. This causes depression in them and they wonder why no one cares. In other cases I think you must not wait for something to happen you have to be the happening. Get out and take yourself on dates, to the movies, dinner and have fun loving yourself. If we wait for others to defind us and determine our happiness we will be depressed

  4. Jewels profile image82
    Jewelsposted 13 years ago

    Each human is born with the word 'potential' tattooed in their psyche. From the day we come into the world we hit survival mode in it's most primal form. Total vulnerability and reliance on those around us to nurture us with the essentials known as love and sustenance. With a bit of luck we have parents who guide us through the many obstacles in life. Hopefully we end up strong, independent, centered adults who know right from wrong, and how to achieve many things. And above all things knowing we have a much deserved place in the world along side every other human being that has gone through their formative years. Excuse me if that sounds an ideal statement - no doubt it is for many.

    I understand from the viewpoint of medical studies and science that this disorder known as depression is created by chemical imbalances in the brain. Yes, so true in many cases. I on the other hand prefer to see the disorder from the viewpoint of what caused the imbalance in the first place.

    Potential means latent but unrealised ability or capacity. The ability to do, to achieve, to create; the capability of becoming. As we are primal in essence (animal) we have a healthy dose of fear to make sure we learn caution and instincts. Along with the guidance of our parents who also provide the necessary boundaries to ensure we don't fall out of too many trees and ride our bikes too fast in New York traffic, we soon learn how to survive, take risks, and achieve in line with our blossoming human potential.

    What is at the bottom of Depression. Void of the chemical imbalance and without the use of test tubes, I suspect one of the major causes of depression is the inability to fulfill all or part of this latent individual human potential. Of course we don't always get what we want, not all the time. We have to compromise and share, be a giver as well as receive.


  5. parrster profile image81
    parrsterposted 13 years ago

    I intend to address ACSutliffs question in a hub. I’ll take this opportunity to thank her for asking the question, and also encourage you to read some of her stories, they really are exceptional.
    As a prefix to that eventual hub, I share this. My theories on depression stem from many sources read, seen and heard, covering a plethora of topics from genetics, nutrition, personalities and parenting styles. Insight, however, never seems to be gained as thoroughly or harshly as when it is accompanied by experience, and having had the malady of depression for over two decades of my life, I am also able to write with an insider’s capacity. In my time as a “victim”, I pursued multiple “cures” and in the process learnt much about many things, not least of which myself.
    Of course that raises one of the challenges when speaking of depression, for it is unique to each individual and complex; in that it is largely physically imperceptible, emotionally unpredictable, and psychologically diverse – It can strike anyone from any walk of life, whether rich, poor, religious, unreligious, of nurturing or neglectful parenting, low or high IQ. Therefore no one can confidently say “This is why I got depressed and therefore likely why you got depressed also”.
    That said, when a society as a whole is experiencing a massive insurgence of any malady, it pays to look for the common denominator(s) that may be behind it, with the goal of eliminating them if possible, or at the least controlling them.

    So what are the common denominators of depression?...

    ...we'll address that in my hub wink

  6. parrster profile image81
    parrsterposted 13 years ago

    when a society as a whole is experiencing a massive insurgence of any malady, it pays to look for the common denominator(s) that may be behind it, with the goal of eliminating them if possible, or at the least controlling them. read more

  7. internett1t3 profile image62
    internett1t3posted 13 years ago

    The neurobiological theory of depression identifies specific neural processes that contribute to the symptoms a person experiences. Chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters are responsible for regulating the processes that take place in the body. Epinephrine, dopamine and norepinephrine are the chemicals involved in regulating emotions and thought processes. When any one of these chemicals is out of balance, depression symptoms can result. Treatment models based on this theory use antidepressant medications as a way to correct whatever chemical imbalances may be present in the brain.

  8. ptosis profile image68
    ptosisposted 13 years ago


    I voted DOWN Jewels answer because she said; "one of the major causes of depression is the inability to fulfill all or part of this latent individual human potential."

    That's total crap.

    I've been suicidal since 7 years old and quit trying to kill myself when Mark shot himself in the face at 15 years old.

    I was born Chemical imbalance. I have fantastic parents, grew up in upper middle class. So  don't tell me it's unrealized potential.

    That's B.S. because that's saying it's MY freakin' fault I was born this way. STFU. To survive I get angry instead of sad. At 15 I said I rather be MAD than SAD - at least I can work and get through the day on anger.

    In Ben-Hur, the Captain tells Heston, ""Your eyes are full of hate, 41. That's good. Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength." "

  9. wittywit profile image71
    wittywitposted 13 years ago


    depression is so common today cause we are running after perfectionism and this often creates a lot of inferiority and other various types of complexes in our mind and thus our mind is in a state of confusion and thus can't decide what is good or bad and then instead of searching for the answer very often we keep searching the excuses why we didn't went on a quest for the answers and thus our mind says that's it i am going on a break and you loose your mind and become depressed.........................

    always remember one thing in life:

    Guys and Gals live life if something is depressing leave it apart don't let it be a part pf your life let it part away from your life.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Tame-The-Wolf-I … rn-Grow-Up

  10. Rosie2010 profile image67
    Rosie2010posted 13 years ago

    When my husband died... I might as well been dead myself.  Because that was how I felt dead.  My husband was my all.. my husband, my lover, and my best friend.  I didn't want to live.. I didn't know how.  I was hospitalized and went through years of therapy and medication, and still see my shrink every month.  It took me almost three years get out of the black hole, called depression, and crawled back to the land of the living.  I didn't want to live.. but I did it for my kids.  This kind of depression is normal because it was caused by a tragedy.. a loss of someone.

    Now there is also clinical depression which as some research shows is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain.  This one can be cured by proper medication but you have to them for life.

    I hope this helps a little.

  11. angel115707 profile image61
    angel115707posted 13 years ago

    I suffered from it for years, starting with some sexual abuse by an older friend, it tore me up, but it was also the questioning of todays expectations. I think many kids ask the same thing:
    Do my parents only care about money? why does 9 to 5 need to be my only goal in life? Shouldn't life have to do with ture love or seeking God? Why are we shuttled of to a school that feels more like a herd of cattle being led to the slaughter? 
      Honestly teenagers ask these questions because its obvious that our government has enslaved our parents into teaching us consumerism and working to continue big government and consumerism is all that matters! Sincere and genuine lifestyles are long sense forgotten in this country (America) and the speed of lightning in government take over, consumerism, and dependencies on this vicious cycle have attacked like a whirlwind in only a couple of generations. Children are more aware of the problem than many adults, who are to busy working to spend, to work to spend, they take little notice that all their kids want is them! So...they REBEL!!! I don't blame them....
      How did I get over depression? looking around me at so many complacent adults who were once sincere teens, turning to crime, manipulation,  medication and self pity, that have not gone through near as much abuse and trauma as I did by the time I was 21, (beaten,raped,robbed etc etc) and realizing that they are depressed 99% of the time as adults through selfishness.... yes life is hard, terrible, traumatizing...get over it, get over yourself, get your mind on other people how you can help them, and then depression flees like darkness flees the light... Turn the light on...wake up!!! Read the books "battlefield of the mind"  &"get out of that pit"
    Seriously, you will never get better, until you quit thinking about your own problems, and start helping others....

  12. Nikesha Wallace profile image60
    Nikesha Wallaceposted 13 years ago

    Angel115707 hit some really key points concerning depression and why it is so prevlant today. We are a people who are because of society today contrary to most of our nature as human beings. Many of us our forced to work in types of jobs that arent really for us, so that we can afford the things we need to survive in an expensive world. Not only that but now we are placed into institutions such as schools that extend far past what we need to survive as naturally intended, but more so for what we need to qualify in todays society. The truth is we"the cash cows" are very targeted by merchants who are living today as if earths kings, which also means they are making the orders upon our government like kings.
    We can feel it thats why we are depressed, but we are unlike children who are able to retreat under the comfort of their parents holding the roof up, we as adults have to deal with it and often have no escape.
    Yes other people have their more personal reasons for depression, I have had a few many in my life. I know there are very many things that cause it. Still I know that one of the parent reasons of my own was mentioned above. My hardworking parent and depressed parent, so busy trying to cover our heads and cope with their own depression, left me with less support for my own but not intentionally.
    Still there is a greater matter that some choose to recoginize and some who dont, that is God and being involved with Him as you should and not as someone who is only bootlegging worship, which happens when there are tons of false religions, so without getting snagged, tired, pissed or becoming an all together unbeliever because of it. Finding true religion is like trying to find a grant on google search engine sometimes, you really have to know the truth about grants and what really qualifies you and the grant in order to get thru sorry"BS and ploys that are much more abundant then reals grants and grants programs believe me! Still if you know its really there and true millions in dollars of real money sitting ther for us who are bankrupt or homeless, with the right patience and motivation you will get part of that very real pot!!
    Being as you should in discpline of Him is the natural anti-depressant, that you must keep on taking daily and hourly, because the sickness of the world has yet stopped spinning around us.

  13. Pamela N Red profile image84
    Pamela N Redposted 12 years ago

    With the invention of the Internet has come a wave of self-diagnosis. People are sad for a while and decide they are depressed. read more


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