traumatic stress syndrome

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    debbie8800posted 7 years ago

    traumatic stress syndrome

    question,  i was married to a guy at the age of 32 who i now believe was a sex addict, he liked porno and after sleeping with him a couple of times i got a thyroid goiter and felt mentally differnent like i was violated.  Have you heard of this? I now take antidepressants

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    GarnetBirdposted 7 years ago

    I feel stress and imbalance can effect the other partner.  If you have faith in God or your Higher Power I might suggest asking for any bondages to this experience be removed.  I have heard of this kind of thing happening in a spiritual way more than physical...But I am not an expert.  Thank you for asking me and feel free to email me at  take care!  Hope you feel better soon.  (I am on thyroid medicine myself) It sounds like he gave you a trauma, which of course can affect the whole body.