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Can a wisdom tooth fall out with no pain and no blood, with no sign of a tooth b

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    gardav75posted 6 years ago

    Can a wisdom tooth fall out with no pain and no blood, with no sign of a tooth been on the gums?

    I had a rotten hole on my wisdom tooth for quite a few years. About a year from now I notice the tooth was getting loose. As time went by more looser it got. I only felt pain from it once for almost 2 days. The pain went away but the tooth became even more looser. I made sure I clean it well 2 times a day but never tried to pull it or touch it. Occasionally I'll catch myself moving it around with my tongue. Well this morning I woke up and felt if I wash bitting down on the tooth, with my tongue I place it back in place feeling worried. I went ahead and brush my teeth and the tooth came out.

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    Jeanette Bremnerposted 6 years ago

    You are very lucky!!!!   I am no dentist but am 56 years old and I have to say in all that time I have never seen this happen.  Most people who have had to have their wisdom teeth out have had to have either a local or general aesthetic with a day or so to recover....and a longer recovery from the bill payment!

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    visionandfocusposted 6 years ago

    Congratulations! You have saved yourself a hefty dental fee. Also, there's no need to replace a wisdom tooth (unlike all the other teeth). The only concern I have is that a tooth only gets loose if there is bone loss, and bone loss only occurs when the gums are not healthy. So, just in case, check all your other teeth. If any of them feels loose, you should go for a check-up in case you have gum disease (which can lead to bone loss in the mouth, and hence loose teeth).

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    Roger T Grahamposted 3 years ago

    I currently have the same problem. My wisdom tooth has been getting looser and looser for the past year. So I decided today to just try to pull it out but I've only managed to get half the tooth out. I'm presently just wiggling the tooth in my head from side to side. It doesn't hurt but I could tell that the tooth is still attached to a few nerve endings on the back part of the tooth. I spoke to my brother n law because I remember him once telling me that he had the same problem; and I wanted to know did his just fall out. He told me yes, that he just moving the tooth around until it eventually just fall out. So that's what I'm going to do. I feel that it's on its way out. I'm going to follow up on this post and report if the tooth just falls out on its own; or do I have it pulled by a Dentist.

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    Frienderalposted 3 years ago

    You are so lucky!!! As far as I know, I have never encountered any of my friends or family members having their wisdom tooth fall out. I have four wisdom teeth and all of them are impacted. It is getting immensely painful and I am looking to pay a substantial fee to extract all of them. The only concern for you is to ensure no food particles get trapped and make sure to go to your dentist every 6 months!

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    Poonam Semwalposted 12 months ago

    Yes..any tooth can get shed when there is long term infection that leads to loosening of tooth from the socket. In your case it was wisdom tooth so you dont have to worry about it and no need to place it back, you already got rid of the tooth without visiting your dentist.