I am constantly tired all day every day even though I get enough sleep at night

  1. profile image48
    joannefergusonposted 7 years ago

    I am constantly tired all day every day even though I get enough sleep at night

    i am constantly tired all day every day even though I get enough sleep at night

  2. Inspiration88 profile image78
    Inspiration88posted 7 years ago

    You sound like you're having a chronic fatigue syndrome. If you don't have any medical condition that requires regular drugs intake, that are responsible for your fatigue, then you most likely have some vital nutrients deficiency.

    I will firsly suggest that you supply yourself a good B Vitamins complex. B Vitamins are essential for your nervous system, boost your immunity, give you energy and uplift your mood. Here is my recommendation:

    Jarrow Formulas, B-Right, 100 Capsules ( http://www.iherb.com/Jarrow-Formulas-B- … s/110?at=0 )

    Rhodiola rosea root is used to diminish fatigue and maximize the body's natural resistance to various stressors. Maybe you are too stressed out? Constant stress, in the long term, depletes your body's energy reserves. You should learn to manage stress.

    I recommend you get yourself, along with the above B complex, Now Foods Rhodiola, 500 mg                            ( http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Rhodiola … s/335?at=0 ) Rhodiola will give your depleted body a good boost to recovery.

    Finally, I also suggest that you try this energy formula in conjunction with the above for the first month: FutureBiotics EnergyForce ( http://www.iherb.com/FutureBiotics-Ener … /7313?at=0 ). This will boost you well initially on the road to feeling uplifted and energetic again.

    Try the supplements I suggest and write to me after a month or so with feedback, I'd be happy to hear you are much better! smile

    Use this iherb discount coupon code at check out - DOB496 - to receive 5$ OFF your first purchase + Free samples! The prices in iherb are the most competitive and you will receive your order pretty fast.

    Still, thinking more on your troubles, are you aware of any infectious medical conditions that you may have?

    For example, Yeast infections cause chronic fatigue. If such is the case, see: Candida Clear, Oregano Oil, Probiotics ..

    I can suggest some good brands, tested by me, if you want. You can find it all in iherb !

  3. FitnessTom profile image60
    FitnessTomposted 7 years ago

    Start with the simplest solution. Usually fatigue and the feelings of being lethargic are related to your fat intake. Everyone thinks a low fat diet is key ... wrong!

    Incorporate more fats watch how you feel much better.


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