What is your favorite season? Are you more efficient in your season?

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  1. Hui (蕙) profile image61
    Hui (蕙)posted 10 years ago

    What is your favorite season? Are you more efficient in your season?


  2. rihsam10 profile image58
    rihsam10posted 10 years ago

    here we have only two seasons. south west monsoom and north eat monsoom.

  3. Rooskaya profile image45
    Rooskayaposted 10 years ago

    I like winter season but I am not very efficient in winter like all other people. Russia has extreme winters and the temperature falls to as low as -30 Degrees. It's quite difficult sometimes but I like snow so I enjoy it.

  4. Rock_nj profile image91
    Rock_njposted 10 years ago

    I like summer because I can do a lot more things outdoors and can get a lot more done around the house.  The long summer days are also nice.  The heat can be a bother, but where I live not every summer is blazing hot.  Usually, we have a week or two of intense heat and that's it.  The rest of the summer can be quite pleasant.

  5. BethanRose profile image71
    BethanRoseposted 10 years ago

    I love Summer. It makes me think of all the places I would like to venture to. I enjoy the light evenings, the smell of freshly cut grass and the buzz of happy people in the air smile

  6. jacqui2011 profile image76
    jacqui2011posted 10 years ago

    I love the summer season. I feel this is when I have more energy and love to spend warm nights in the garden or going for walks, going to the park, and family days out. Everything seems alive and nature is just bursting at the seams, the birds are everywhere and flowers are in full bloom.

  7. nakhit_x profile image60
    nakhit_xposted 10 years ago

    it all depends on what part of the world I’m on
    if in western Asia (middle east)
    then i hate summer its the season of death and suffering
    winter is wonderful
    if I’m in Ohio then i hate winter and love the spring or fall
    Personally i love weather where i can wear a light jacket and not be too cold
    rain and snow in the peak of winter
    warm and sweaty in the peak of summer
    but not tooo hot where you suffer

  8. supplies expert profile image62
    supplies expertposted 10 years ago

    I like the summer, and well I'm more productive on fun things that i enjoy, but work, eh not so much... I'm always too busy thinking about what I want to do after the day of work is over.

  9. breathing profile image54
    breathingposted 10 years ago

    Rainy season is my favorite season. The weather of this season makes us lazy but it keeps my mind fresh and charm.

  10. Sesshoumaru2st profile image59
    Sesshoumaru2stposted 10 years ago

    I hate winter.I don't know,but during winter i'm sick throughout the whole season.When the time gets warmer I love it.Summer and spring time gives me all the energy i need,winter is just a mini hell to me man.

  11. Seeker7 profile image88
    Seeker7posted 10 years ago

    Spring and autumn tend to be the seasons when I'm at my best. In winter I work very well too. But for some reason the summer is always a downer - I can get restless and move about from one project to the next without making good progress on any. So I need self-discipline in the summer months.

  12. twilanelson profile image60
    twilanelsonposted 10 years ago

    There is beauty in all seasons, but my favorite season is Spring.  I love the green grass and trees and colorful flowers,  and the weather is fantastic.

  13. bethperry profile image87
    bethperryposted 10 years ago

    Autumn is my favorite season. Not sure if I'm more efficient at that time of the year but I sure do feel more vibrant in the autumn. And I sure love the smells of nature best then, too.

  14. JT Walters profile image74
    JT Waltersposted 10 years ago

    Fall because hurricane season is about to be over.

  15. Rob Winters profile image83
    Rob Wintersposted 10 years ago

    The Summer - Love the long evenings - Easier to get motivated during the summer - It's bright when you get up and bright when you get back from work - No Contest!

  16. Trigger9449 profile image60
    Trigger9449posted 10 years ago

    Spring, I am by far more energetic and ready to do outdoor activities. during the summer or winter the weather just makes me less hyper or ready to go.

  17. R S Beer profile image62
    R S Beerposted 10 years ago

    Probably Autumn. During the Summer I get hay-fever, in Winter I get colds!

    I don't think I'm anymore efficient during Autumn though.


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