Do you believe that hypnosis is helpful in dealing with weight loss?

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    Dr Rockpileposted 6 years ago

    Do you believe that hypnosis is helpful in dealing with weight loss?

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    brightforyouposted 6 years ago

    Yes, absolutely. I have had years of experience using both Clinical and Holistic Hypnosis and have found this to be one of the most powerful tools towards weight loss.

    There are many reasons and excuses for weight gain and as many more for staying stuck.  I believe this is because the client is living with unconscious programming where food has become less about nutrition and nourishment and more about comfort, habit, boredom, ritual, grief, depression. 

    Of course there are the clinical weight gain from Hormone changes or medication side effects, but on the whole, the clients I deal with have all 'decided' on many different occasions to change eating habits, but haven't been able to, until Hypnosis helped them reprogram their unconscious urges ~ enabling them to align the unconscious with their conscious choices. 

    Hypnosis done properly is probably the most powerful tool we have for weight loss because there are no drugs involved, the tools for self-hypnosis are taught in the sessions and its amazing how quickly the weight drops off.

    A shift like this has a long-term major impact on the whole of the clients life.  Its rather like the rudder of a ship; if you move it just a small degree it will make wider and wider circles. So it is with Hypnosis ! its amazing what we can achieve when we put our mind to it!

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