Do you think men suffer from low self esteem as much as women do?

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  1. Vapid Maven profile image61
    Vapid Mavenposted 10 years ago

    Do you think men suffer from low self esteem as much as women do?

    I ask this because this morning I was googling this topic and notice that most of the articles I came across were written by women seemingly for women.

  2. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image86
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 10 years ago

    I'm absolutely positive that men suffer from the same or possibly higher levels of low self esteem.

    But what the cause of that self esteem level would be might be different.

    In America, we've a horrific and totally corrupt mass media that causes women to have excessive body image issues.

    Men?  I know for a fact that I used to have the same sort of body image issues - I stopped watching problem there was solved.

    Men also have big time self esteem ties to financial status very often....and probably a million other little things (big things to individuals) that I've never dreamed or thought of.

  3. kerlynb profile image89
    kerlynbposted 10 years ago

    I think so, because men are vulnerable to the same low self-esteem risk factors as women.

    Perhaps there are just more men than women who try to keep their emotions private.

    Whatever the case may be, I think it is wise to get community, family or friend support whenever having a low self-esteem.  Kind words from people can lift spirits.

  4. Innuentendre profile image68
    Innuentendreposted 10 years ago

    Men are cultured to shield their vulnerabilities from the public, while women are encouraged to "exhale". I think that most men are less self conscious than women because of the frequency that idealized images of women are projected throughout society via media etc. Also, our attractiveness to the opposite sex may be a factor in determining our own levels of self esteem, and men tend to focus on physical beauty, thus putting additional pressure on women to be beautiful and compare themselves to other women. You are more likely to find a guy that considers himself "God's gift to women" than vice versa. For a man, confidence (or the appearance of having confidence) is everything.

  5. soconfident profile image71
    soconfidentposted 10 years ago

    yes some may think they are not what women look for in a man physically.

  6. rcrm89 profile image60
    rcrm89posted 10 years ago

    Perhaps moreso - social conventions influence men to "bottle up" emotions, so whilst it may seem ike they aren't suffering, when they actually are to a significant degree.

    Male suicide deaths considerably outnuber females worldwide - male rates are about 3-5 times higher in most countries.


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