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How have you helped your teens avoid pregnancy?

  1. Ann Marie Dwyer profile image80
    Ann Marie Dwyerposted 6 years ago

    How have you helped your teens avoid pregnancy?

    Not the typical pregnancy. How do you stop teens you know are having sex from getting pregnant?

  2. Reyna Urduja profile image70
    Reyna Urdujaposted 6 years ago

    The basic step that one can make to prevent sexually active teenagers to get pregnant is to educate them, not just on how to prevent getting pregnant, but also on how to prevent acquiring sexually transmitted infection.

    This may be difficult to initiate on your sons and daughters. To facilitate this, there must be an established open relationship: a relationship where the teenager can virtually talk about anything with you under the sun.

    Otherwise, purposely leave leaflets and magazines with such useful information around the house. Teenagers are adventurous and curious by nature. The next issue to resolve would be the acquisition and proper usage.

    Still, the best way is an open line of communication. We sometimes call it, the "cool mom" or "cool dad" ensemble. smile

  3. restlesswaters profile image60
    restlesswatersposted 6 years ago

    Teach your teens that they should stop having sex and wait until they get married before they continue having sex (even if you didn't wait until marriage for sex). Fully educate them as to all the bad things that can happen if they don't wait until marriage (STD's, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, etc). Explain to them that abstinence is the only method that is 100% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies and STD's. Explain to them how artificial contraception reduces sexual intercourse to a recreational activity, rather than a loving act open to procreation. Teach them about Natural Family Planning (NFP), which can be used to either regulate or achieve pregnancy once they are married. Tell them that the latest methods of NFP are just as effective as artificial contraception at preventing pregnancy, but takes advantage of the woman's natural cycles, instead of using chemicals. Send them to the Couple to Couple League web site for more information about Natural Family Planning (http://www.ccli.org/).

  4. engelfantasydream profile image59
    engelfantasydreamposted 6 years ago

    inculcate to your teens the value of celibacy..no to pre marital sex..no matter so called out there protection?? why still many get preggersss and all that..so, the safest is to do it "under the marriage ring" ..teen kids should act like teens and not an adult or married ones..smile just saying..