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If you belong to a gym / health club, how many days per week do you go there to

  1. Daisy Mariposa profile image86
    Daisy Mariposaposted 6 years ago

    If you belong to a gym / health club, how many days per week do you go there to work out?

    When you go to the gym, how much time do you spend there?

  2. musclequest profile image72
    musclequestposted 6 years ago

    4 times for lifting and 1 cardio a week for 45 minutes to a hour

  3. David 470 profile image82
    David 470posted 6 years ago

    3 days to lift weights, but it may change to 4 days if I do some sort of split. And I spend about 45 minutes - 1 hour lifting, not including warm up. I workout with a friend.

  4. jbrock2041 profile image81
    jbrock2041posted 6 years ago

    I love to go to the gym, probably too much since I manage a fitness center and then belong to 2 other gyms. I go 6 times a week, most weeks. But I try to listen to my body and if I need an extra day off, I will do yoga at home or just take a walk.

  5. KBEvolve profile image77
    KBEvolveposted 6 years ago

    I train about 3-5 times a week, usually closer to the upper scale of that. Also I'm generally there about 2-4 hours every time.

    My definition of that probably differs from the expectation though, since I am speaking of training brazilian jiu-jitsu and thai boxing.

    Lifting and other fitness activities, I usually do at home. No idea how much time I spend doing that. It's consistent but varies significantly.

  6. profile image61
    truparad0xposted 6 years ago

    I lift mostly at home and bike/run outdoors.  I go to the gym when it's really snowy/rainy out for my runs.