Which came first: Woman's insecurity with aging - or Man's bias regarding aging

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  1. ImKarn23 profile image77
    ImKarn23posted 6 years ago

    Which came first: Woman's insecurity with aging - or Man's bias regarding aging women?

    Demi Moore is falling apart. As is Heather Locklear. Two of the worlds most beautiful women are having trouble accepting the aging process. While it may appear that we've come a long way, it does seem that society as a whole is still far more judgmental of aging women than men...


  2. Juliek958 profile image60
    Juliek958posted 6 years ago

    My guess is society's view on aging has caused the problem so I guess my answer is men.  It was not always this way and in many cultures, the older you are, the more you are revered and honored for your wisdom.  We live in a world where the beautiful are the winners - not the most intelligent or those with the most beautiful soul.  And society is far more accepting of an older man and a younger woman in a relationship rather then the other way around.  So yeah, being tossed away for a younger model will do it to you.  I'm pretty sure losing movie roles to a younger female is comparable to the difficulties of finding a job in the corporate world when you are an older female.  Grey hair makes women look old but men look distinguished.  Totally bites if you ask me!

  3. albertovich profile image61
    albertovichposted 6 years ago

    Mid - life crisis can be a runaway freight train and accepting this fact can be harder than it sounds but always remember when outside beauty seems to fade you will always have your inner beauty and that, I think.....speaks louder than all the make-up, fancy dresses or expensive perfumes you can buy...WOMEN, you're BEAUTIFUL just the way you are, no matter what age...XoXo

  4. jponiato profile image80
    jponiatoposted 6 years ago

    It's a by-product of evolution.  We men are genetically programmed to be attracted to younger women, presumably because they are more likely to conceive and bear healthy offspring.  Fortunately for us, the truly educated, civilized, and enlightened man can look beyond the surface, and seek true companionship rather than mere prospects for procreation.

  5. Levertis Steele profile image81
    Levertis Steeleposted 6 years ago

    Men are getting into the trend of leaving their aging wives and opting for younger women. Some even order their wives through mail, and others put ads in magazines and on the internet. Many divorced and widowered older men prefer young women. Young men are not marrying as fast as they once did, so, many young women are choosing older men who are mostly settled, more mature, and often financially secure. Viagra has renewed the confidence of many older men, too. Middle aged and older women rarely get married these days because of this trend.

    Some of these marriages seem to work, but some disadvantages are that the young woman may be a golddigger, she will likely be widowed early, and the aging man may require professional medical help and end up in a nursing home in his last years. There have been many cases where the discarded aging ex-wife had mercy, intervened, and took care of the ex-husband in his last days of illness. So, the old men had to jump across bridges that they burned. Beauty is a pretty flower. It will wither and die.

    I deeply admire the aging celebrity couples, and the less famous, who still love each other and remain together even though the flowers are withering. That is true love, the only kind that lasts.


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