What do you do when you have a strong 6th sense, feeling something bad is going

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  1. jennjenn519 profile image43
    jennjenn519posted 9 years ago

    What do you do when you have a strong 6th sense, feeling something bad is going to happen?

    I have a history of having a string 6th sense, kind of like ESP. I know a lot of people find this hard to believe. It runs in my family, but even my husband doesn't believe me. He is scheduled for simple shoulder surgery tomorrow, and I am riddled with nerves and scared to death something bad is going to happen. For all intensive purposes, everything will be fine. Why can't I shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen?

  2. Jackie Lynnley profile image87
    Jackie Lynnleyposted 9 years ago

    I use to have those really bad and I would not leave home when I got them and if I had to I sure did not enjoy myself. If something had not have gone just as it did would something bad have happened? Who can know? A couple of times with these feelings not about me but something in general did come true and I even named the person I had the feeling about once ( a young niece) and she was in a car accident and died the next morning. I had no reason on earth to be thinking of her so I really believe it was "something". With your husband though I would say it is normal to be apprehensive and I would try to have positive thoughts if I were you. Since doing that I have no more "feelings".

  3. Yaduvanshi profile image58
    Yaduvanshiposted 9 years ago

    Every thing will be fine as what ever happens, happens for the good

  4. kwade tweeling profile image84
    kwade tweelingposted 9 years ago

    I find the best I can do is take simple actions, such as telling the person if appropriate, after that, it is up to them. You cannot help someone if they do not want it. Maybe just telling him to be cautious is enough.

  5. aisha91 profile image54
    aisha91posted 9 years ago

    Pray and calm myself and neutralize my thinking.

  6. ithabise profile image82
    ithabiseposted 9 years ago

    I've had this happen to me twice. The first time was when my family stopped in a small town on a trip from Virginia to Oklahoma. We were headed to enter me in college. It was the dead of the night and I got this overwhelming feeling of dread. The second time was in a convenience store and the same thing happened. In both instances I dropped everything and left. I don't know what came of those places (or could have become of them); but the feeling was too strange and real for me to overlook. A basic instinct? Something spiritual? I just obey.

  7. grinnin1 profile image70
    grinnin1posted 9 years ago

    I think that a 6th sense can be a wonderful thing to have, except when we allow it to raise our anxieties  because we get a little superstitious! Unfortunately, I think more intuitive people also tend to worry more.  I know I have an instinct, a feeling, a gut reaction ,that is right a lot of the time. It's great except when anxieties start a to enter in, everything gets a little skewed. Because our best instincts and gut feelings are most accurate when we're relaxed and really not thinking about them. When we're worried about something, and the worry enters into our thinking, even subconsciously, it freaks us out because we've been right so many times. So when I find myself worrying about a bad feeling I have, I try to relax and think about all the times I've been wrong. Which, if I'm honest, is a lot. Sometimes we've just got to trust that things usually turn out fine and tune out that little voice that tells us bad things are going to happen.

  8. Cara.R profile image71
    Cara.Rposted 9 years ago

    When I get that weird "gut" feeling I meditate. It helps clear my mind, like peeling back layers of what's in your thoughts and all those things that you know are in there but don't want to face. In a meditative state, I find, facing those things to be less scary. I become more of a witness than a victim of my mind. I face the things my meditated state shows me; and I let it pass with no judgment. What I see is neither negative or a positive. When I am done being mindful I can see if it was fear of some kind. Or a combination of things that never went resolved. Maybe meditating it would help you too. Also I would imagine the clearer your mind is the sharper your skills would become too. (As an added bonus.)

  9. Rain Defence profile image88
    Rain Defenceposted 9 years ago

    You have to try and distinguish between 6th sense and simple anxiety/worry. You're probably just worried. If I let anxiety rule me, I'd never leave the house. If I ever feel anxious, I now recognise that it is just anxiety, know it will be temporary then just ride it out and let it fade. I'm sure your husband will be fine with his surgery and what are the options? You don't want to cancel the surgery just because you're worried something bad may happen. He's probably also a bit worried, so I would keep your anxiety to yourself otherwise you're projecting your fear onto him and he's the one who's going under the knife so he has enough to worry about!
    I think you should just have a nice relaxing dinner tonight and not worry about it.

  10. profile image0
    suni51posted 9 years ago

    I do have them once in a while and those always come true. I am scared of them as they are about bad incidents most of the times and the feeling is such strong and as good as happening just before it takes place in real. I have felt them 5-6 times and every time those took place as I had seen them happening, before those really happened.


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