What vitamins and supplements do you take on a daily basis?

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  1. MomsTreasureChest profile image89
    MomsTreasureChestposted 10 years ago

    What vitamins and supplements do you take on a daily basis?

  2. parentsreview profile image74
    parentsreviewposted 10 years ago

    A couple years ago, I started taking fish oil everyday.  I had been complaining that my memory and concentration didn't seem to be as good as they were, and someone recommended fish oil was good for the brain.  I still take it, but I can't say I've noticed any difference in my memory.

  3. msorensson profile image68
    msorenssonposted 10 years ago

    I only take vitamin C and from natural sources, not pills.

  4. sgbrown profile image93
    sgbrownposted 10 years ago

    I take a simple muti-vitamin daily. Then I take several supplements.  I take a 1000 mg fish oil to help with cholesteral.  I recently started buying "chewy" calcium vitamin. They are really good, makes me remember to take them every day. I also take 1000 mgs of vitamin C and a 1000 mg of B-12. I need the vitamin B to have the energy to take all the rest of them!  smile

  5. Grams Study profile image60
    Grams Studyposted 10 years ago

    I take no vitamins.  I will however take them if I am ever in a low state of health where they would be helpful to me.

  6. Adamowen profile image74
    Adamowenposted 10 years ago

    I train in powerlifting and this is what I take.

    Fish oil
    Vitamin D3 (liquid form)
    Brown rice and whey protein

    And I eat 8 portions of Veg/fruit per day

  7. urgurl_bri profile image84
    urgurl_briposted 10 years ago

    I just recently started taking a B Vitamin every day.

  8. BlissfulWriter profile image76
    BlissfulWriterposted 10 years ago

    Omega-3, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, co-Q10, alpha lipoic acid are my favorites.     Occasionally, I also take Acetyl-L-Carnitine, krill oil, a multivitamin, and probiotic.   I've written about most of these in the past.

  9. Daughter Of Maat profile image94
    Daughter Of Maatposted 10 years ago

    I take a b complex with rose hips and vitamin c, 400IU of vitamin E and 540mg of Black cohosh in the morning. In the evening I take an Omega 3 enriched multivitamin, 1200mg of calcium, 540mg of black cohosh, and 50mg of zinc. I also take 1000mg of potassium throughout the day, generally four times unless I eat a few bananas or other high potassium fruits. Either way I get my 4700mg of potassium daily. Plus I'm vegan so over 80% of my diet is raw unprocessed veggies. I juice fruit throughout the day as well.

  10. debbie roberts profile image78
    debbie robertsposted 10 years ago

    I take a glucosamine and chondroitin combination in the hope that it will help protect my joints against any damage that may be caused from pounding the pavements. I also take starflower oil to help keep my hormones on an even keel, they help prevent PMT.

  11. GiftedGrandma profile image61
    GiftedGrandmaposted 10 years ago

    I have to take muitivitamin, fish oil, calcium citrate.

  12. profile image0
    trainer ben gamonposted 10 years ago

    it is importand to take a multivitamin everday becauce you can't get it all from food. i also take creatine because i lift weight every day. i sometimes take glucosamine to help lubricate my joints.

    1. MomsTreasureChest profile image89
      MomsTreasureChestposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Great suggestions Trainer Ben!

  13. edhan profile image37
    edhanposted 10 years ago

    I think B-complex, multi-vitamins, gingko, vitamin C, liquid calcium and zinc.

    I do believe these supplement helps in a long run for health.

  14. unknown spy profile image64
    unknown spyposted 10 years ago

    It is not recommended to take vitamins supplement everyday. You can maximize the chance of getting these vitamins through a diet - fruits and vegetables, without having to worry of its side effects. read more


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