What prevents you from achieving your childhood dreams?

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  1. EyesStraightAhead profile image73
    EyesStraightAheadposted 12 years ago

    What prevents you from achieving your childhood dreams?

    I recently watched "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch again. It got me wondering what prevents us all from going after our childhood dreams.

  2. billybuc profile image86
    billybucposted 12 years ago

    Absolutely nothing is preventing me. I have scrapped my former lifestyle and now I'm doing exactly what I want to do and what I have dreamed of doing.

  3. Mini Mimi profile image59
    Mini Mimiposted 12 years ago

    Everyday life gets in the way of all your dreams, if you let it!!!
    So i say cling onto them tightly because if nothing else they give you hope!

  4. sandrabusby profile image74
    sandrabusbyposted 12 years ago

    I must have been mostly unconscious as a child.  I don't remember any "childhood dreams."   As a high school student, my highest ambition was to be a secretary, and I must admit that learning the skills of typing, shorthand, etc. have been very useful.  Then I married and had children and taught school, with some success in all three areas, until my marriage couldn't contain me any longer.  It has been an exciting adventure from there on.  I think I must be a dillettante because I have since done several things quite well; however, once I get bored, I move on to something new where the learning curve is steeper.  Go figure.  Sandra Busby

  5. profile image0
    mcals71posted 12 years ago

    Even as a child I wanted to become a Nun. During my teen years I suffered terrible opposition and even persecution from my family for wanting to pursue my dream. It wasn't meant to be, obviously, because I ended up getting married instead, and having four children. Now I'm a 64 year old grandma of seven with quite a few health problems and nobody would want me in a Convent, so it's too late for me. However I remain close to God so in that sense that's all I ever really wanted since I was a child, and my dream lives on.

  6. Voronwe profile image60
    Voronweposted 12 years ago

    It is often reality asking for compromises but the most effective obstacle is 'expectations'...what others expect of you. It doesn't seem significant but it has an heavy impact on you.

  7. Eric Prado profile image71
    Eric Pradoposted 12 years ago

    Nothing prevents me from achieving my childhood dreams but me and I have already achieved almost all of them.

  8. Hypersapien profile image42
    Hypersapienposted 12 years ago

    The practicalities of life.  I can't get away from having to do things I don't like in order to obtain necessities, and this takes away from my ability to pursue activities I'd enjoy more, but which don't fulfill my physical needs.

  9. jimmar profile image93
    jimmarposted 12 years ago

    adulthood! Plain and simple - life is too complicated.

  10. profile image0
    jasper420posted 12 years ago

    For me its circumstance I have alot on my plate right now with my mother being ill and my father no longer with me but Im currently in the process of recovering its been a slow road for me for many reasons I have had alot of demons to slay so to speak but Im moving on gradualy and working on building a foundation for my fucture. I do have to say I have been so blessed though to be able to do what I love to do and thats being right here writting articals!Im so thankfull for the bleesings I have recieved and the support I have gotten here on hubpages because I dont have much support esle where!

  11. raniwrites profile image68
    raniwritesposted 12 years ago

    FEAR - fear of failure - fear of success - fear that what we think we want is somehow 'less than' - fear that we're not good enough - fear that we're not doing what we're supposed to do......

  12. billybuc profile image86
    billybucposted 12 years ago

    Do we live lives of quiet desperation today? Would Thoreau look at today's society and say that we do indeed? read more

  13. Ruby211 profile image61
    Ruby211posted 12 years ago

    I think its yourself. Some people may come to a crossroad in life where they're torn between pursuing their dream or being there for someone else. Even if you feel obligated to leave your dream behind for a certian situation its still your decision. Other times you decide on a new dream to pursue as you get older. I dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was little but instead I have made the choice of becoming a stay at home mom. I have found other ways to pursue my dream though. Everyday I am teaching my children. Maybe one day I'll decide to take up my dream agian and I'll pursue a career in teaching.

  14. Natashalh profile image72
    Natashalhposted 12 years ago

    When I was younger, I had one major life goal. I actually met that goal, then found out it wasn't as awesome as I'd expected and have now started over at square one.

    In general, though, I think we are the ones who stand in the way of our own dreams. It is so easy to become bogged down in what we're already doing, even if it isn't satisfying. New is scary and at least the known is a known. I'm really trying to push my boundaries more, though. I think the risk is worth it, I just have to remember to convince myself of it, day by day!

  15. terrygail profile image60
    terrygailposted 12 years ago

    Two decades of being told by certain family members that I'd never amount to anything.

  16. Mariaam Bhatti profile image62
    Mariaam Bhattiposted 12 years ago

    I have always wanted to get a degree to my name but financial constraints make it impossible to achieve my dream and I am getting older and older day by day.Those who give scholarships ,give to either  best achievers,very young people who have just completed high sch or  people with masters and above already.

  17. cristianneacsu profile image52
    cristianneacsuposted 12 years ago

    Not all, only some of them. What I know for sure is we STILL have a child inside. And as we have that clean and nice part we can continue to dream.

    Well you don't need to be awake in such a mature way just let you dream and forget about this subject... is a way to fight against or to dream less.

    But of course is a controversial subject...unfortunately.

    Thank you.


  18. JayDeck profile image60
    JayDeckposted 12 years ago

    I grew up and realized that being a garbage man was hard work and not the fun, ride around hanging off a truck, hoot that I thought it was.

  19. shoel2012 profile image55
    shoel2012posted 12 years ago

    That is very good question I would say. There are many many things that prevents you from childhood dreams. Lets say your life has different stages of life and different levels. at your childhood level you are not matured and you might dream anything that you want to. for example a child may dream of getting the moon but it is possible? then that's to says that the child may have many dreams but it presents them for being not matured. I would like to give another exam...A  baby doesn't know the fire when he/she plays with fire and she/he is not aware of that fire that if she/he touch the fire would burn themselves. that's another example to show you the Immaturity. So as time goes on when he/she grows up everything changes and his mind changes. in another word Life changes in accordance with ages. Life and experiences go together with AGE. Finally, When he/she is matured enough then they know that something they dream which is BIG might be happening and it prevents them.

  20. moonfroth profile image66
    moonfrothposted 12 years ago

    By "going after" I assume you mean actively pursuing childhood dreams.  The "block" is one of changing perceptions.  As children we perceive the world as an arena of infinite probability.  Anything is possible.  All goals are within our grasp.  The child who says he's going to be a fighter pilot, actively believes he can do that.  As we grow older we become aware of two factors that dull and channel our perceptions for the rest of our lives---our own sense of personal limitations, and our sense that there are forces at play in the arena of life over which we have very little control.  Our awareness of these two factors makes us cautious, unsure, and conservative.  We often abandon our dreams, quite unnecessarily, sacrificing them on the altar of expediency and denying ourselves the adventure and joy of failed pursuits.

  21. wiserworld profile image83
    wiserworldposted 12 years ago

    I recall wanting to be a superhero when I was younger. Once I got older though, everyone in the neighbourhood thought I had escaped from a psychiatric hospital when they saw me -- a grown man running around the yard with a little red cape on. It was because of their disdain I decided to give up the dream, ditch the cape and settle for a regular desk job like most responsible people do.

    We are prevented from achieving our dreams because of what others expect of us -- and because we cannot really fly.

  22. profile image51
    saddy328posted 12 years ago

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