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How did you decide on your thirty life goals?

  1. Mighty Mom profile image85
    Mighty Momposted 5 years ago

    How did you decide on your thirty life goals?

  2. carol3san profile image60
    carol3sanposted 5 years ago

    Gee, that's a good one.  I didn't count them all so I really don't know if I have 30 life goals.  But I can say that the things that I am passionate about is a must do for me....like raising my children to be independent adults (done),
    having a great relation with my grandkids (done)
    maintaining a good enough career to support myself independently (done)
    see other places in my country (usa) and in the world (still working on it, but thankfully I've traveled to some great places so far)
    Keep healthy and physically fit (still working on it)
    start a new career in writing (still working on it)
    There are other goals that I am less passionate about, but they are important to me all the same. These are the ones I am most passionate about.

  3. lorlie6 profile image84
    lorlie6posted 5 years ago

    I haven't yet, MM, but at 55+, I'd better get on it, NOW!!
    Great question, friend!

  4. becomingthirty profile image61
    becomingthirtyposted 5 years ago

    Hi Mighty Mom!

    First of all I just wanna say thanks for checking out my site.

    It took me some time to nut it all out. And as you can see I still haven't chosen the last three! big_smile

    I think it was just a combination of things things that I love to do, things I have always wanted to do and things I feel are important to do!

    Maybe I should write a hub about it!

    Thanks for your question!

  5. Teylina profile image60
    Teylinaposted 5 years ago

    I'm so far past non-accomplishment, I gave up. But I've reached some and still come up with some I hadn't thought of before and let them fill the gaps. Most had to do with my own deep-seated desire for speed, fun, and a wish to try all new things I could as I went along. I always wanted kids, but to rear them to enjoy life as well as be responsible.